How to Make Resin Encapsulation

Encapsulated items are ideal as souvenirs and corporate giveaways. They are easy to make and raw materials are readily available.

Tools and Materials:

  • 30g premixed resin
  • 1.5g black toner
  • 60g clear cast resin
  • modeling clay
  • 5g mold way or floor wax
  • 0.9g imported MEKP hardener
  • glass base
  • disposable mixing cup
  • stirring rod
  • gold medal leaf for encapsulation (should be smaller than the frame)
  • 2″ x 3″ aluminum frame
  • Black sandpaper (#’s 150,300, 600, 1000)
  • 3g polishing compound or finishing wax

Reminder: Clear cast resin will retain its clarity only with imported MEKP or hardener. Excessive amount of hardener in clear cast premixed resin makes the finished product yellow and sensitive to cracking.


  1. Wax the glass base and the aluminum frame with mold wax or floor wax. This is done for ease in removing the finished product. Buff until glossy.
  2. Place the aluminum frame in the middle of the glass base.
  3. Wrap a clay coil around the aluminum frame. This acts as a “seal” to the glass base and prevents the resin from seeping under the frame.
  4. Meanwhile, mix up to 2.5g black toner or dye into the premixed resin. Stir until the color is uniformly black.
  5. Mix 0.5g hardener into the dyed premixed resin.
  6. Pour the mixture into the aluminum frame.
  7. When the resin is tacky, put the gold leaf on the black resin base.
  8. Mix 1g imported hardener with 100g clear cast premixed resin.
  9. Pour unto the black resin with gold leaf. Wait until the resin is cured.
  10. To remove encapsulated item, tap sides of the frame.
  11. The finished product will have an uneven surface. Use a coarse sandpaper #150, 300, 600 and gradually working to a #1000 with set sanding to even out the product.
  12. Wipe the finished product to dry.
  13. Buff with polishing compound or finishing wax for better result.

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