How to Make Pineapple Preserve


  1. Weigh rareripe pineapple. Remove the crown. Wash pineapple thoroughly in tap water.
  2. Soak in chlorinated water (200 ppm) for 10 minutes to reduce microbial load. Drain.
  3. Peel the fruits and remove the eyes.
  4. Wash it very well.
  5. Cut large fruits into desired thickness and shape. Leave the small fruits whole.
  6. Drop the fruits into boiling syrup (2 parts water: 1 part sugar). Cook it rapidly until translucent.
  7. Rapid cooking will result in a sparkling product while slow cooking, a dull and discolored product.
  8. Pack the mixture while it is hot in clean glass jars and seal tightly.
  9. Process in boiling water bath for 15 minutes.
  10. Cool, wipe dry, label, and store.


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