How to Grow Celery – Part 2 Pest Control, Harvesting

Control of Pests and Diseases: Pests and their Control Cutworm, Aphids, and Mites are the few insects that attack celery in the Philippines. 1. Aphids, Aphis sp. These are small greenish insects, which are either winged or wingless. They reproduce every rapidly. The insects sucks the sap from the leaves causing curling, distortion and stunting

How to Grow Celery – Part 1 Varieties, Cultural

Celery is native to the Mediterranean and adjacent areas. The plant is a strong-smelling biennial. The thick petioles, curved in cross section, are long and grooved on the external surface. The stems bearing the compound leaflets are attached to the apex of the long petiole at a point often called the joint. The flowers are

Point-of-Sale or POS System Software Philippines

The software is designed for medium, small, micro enterprise with the following type of business: Convenience Store, Groceries, Supermarkets (CGS) Hardware Store Electronics, phones, gadgets, accessories School & Office stores Auto/motor supply, parts and accessories Personal Care Shops, Boutiques Department Store (clothing, shoes, etc.) Drugstore / Pharmacy Pet Shop, Animal Supplies & Feeds All other

Payroll System Software Philippines

FEATURES Employee – 201, month/day rate, shift, history, photo, login, SL/VL, etc. DTR (reads 3rd party e-DTR) Auto, semi, manual Absent, late/UT, overtime, ND, holiday, restday, leave Payroll Processing Customized setting for your requirements Compute all types of overtime, SSS, PhilHealth, PagIbig, W/Tax Auto deduct loans on schedule (cash adv., sss, home, etc.) Global or

How to Make Fettucini & Free-Form Pasta

Although pasta comes in different shapes and sizes, its method of preparation does not change. This section describes how bow-shaped and twisted pastas (pilipit) are made. Ingredients: 250 grams All-purpose flour 88 grams Water 10 grams Iodized salt 1 gram Kansui Equipment: Pasta maker Weighing scale Mixing bowl Tray Plastic spatula Strainer Pencil, ballpen or