How to Make Durian Powder

Raw material: Ripe durian pulp. Production process: Pit the pulp and slice into thin pieces. Steam at 90 degrees celsius for 3 minutes. Place on a strainer and dry in a hot – air dryer at 50-60 degrees celsius or a solar drier or in the sunshine until dry. Beat into a powder with an

How to Make Durian Paste

In Thailand , Durian paste called Thurian Kwon in Thai is a popular traditional product. This processed form is made from overripe or split base durian pulp, which is unpopular for consuming fresh and marketed at a low price. The paste can be kept for about one year. Directions for making durian paste : Raw

How to Make Durian Chips

The processed price is rather high as it is made from good quality pulp. Monthong is preferable because of the thickness and firmness of its pulp. Nowadays, they are available around the country especially in growing localities. Raw materials: mature durian new and clean vegetable oil fine white salt Equipment: Knife for cleaving and slashing

Computerized Payroll System – Advantages and Benefits

Payroll is an important process for every company for which the employers pay their employees. One of the major tasks for any business is keeping track of employee work hours and compensating all workers accurately. In the old days, timekeeping had to be done manually with physical time cards and times sheets. Manual timekeeping is

How to Grow Sesame Plant

(Tilseed, Cameline, German sesame, benniseed, dodder, linga) Sesame (linga) oil is used, not only for cooking food, but also for the manufacture of other things, such as margarine, soap, cosmetics, perfume, insecticides, pain and medicine. What is left after the extraction of its oil is excellent for feed for poultry, hogs, goat and rabbits. Its