Tropical and Oriental Garden Landscape


Making a Tropical Design

A wide area is usually required to make a beautiful tropical garden. However, one can simulate the same tropical effect in a small area of land.

Here’s how:

  1. Use plants with big leaves like the Fiscus benjamina. This tree grows big and lush, although once can control its growth by frequent pruning.
  2. Place plants close to each other so the garden will look like a forest.
  3. Put different kinds of plant that are found in places with tropical climate or drought plants such as the following:
    • Trees: Fiscus benjamina, triangular palm, apoka tree, yukka palm
    • Shrub: santan, palmera, mauna loa, zebra, red ginger
    • Climbers: bougainvillea
    • Ground cover: violet lantana, cucharita, cuphea, forebolus, ferns and golden duranta.
  4. Put water features like a small pond.

Designing an Oriental Garden

The objective of an oriental garden is to communicate peace and serenity of mind and emotion. this is the reason why the design of a tropical garden should have a unique from and appearance and be thought of very well. The adage “simplicity is beauty” applies here. This is also design leaves a lot of areas unplanted. Flowering plants are seldom used in an oriental garden.

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