Tricycle, Jeepney, Taxi and FX Operation

This kind of business is one of the easiest to setup. You only need to (1) purchase the vehicle, (2) register, and (3) get a franchise from LTFRB, and you’re off. You can also (4) apply for “drivers and operators association” membership. Well, the purchasing part isn’t that easy though, because you have to contemplate on whether buying a second hand is practical thing than brand new. Let me give you some idea so you can weigh the pros and cons.

Second hand


  1. It’s a lot cheaper
  2. You can even get a free line franchise on the package price
  3. If you’re lucky, you can get the new registration and insurance for free.
  4. Negotiable – you can haggle with the vendor on the lowest possible price.
  5. Hey, why not include that nice stereo in the package?!


  1. Some parts needs to be fixed or changed before you can use it
  2. Operation maintenance is high
  3. Depreciation cost is high
  4. Will only be operational for a few more years.

Brand new


  1. Sparkingly beautiful and smells fresh!
  2. Almost maintenance free for at least 2 years.
  3. Depreciation cost is low.
  4. Will still be in top shape (with good maintenance) for the next 6 years.


  1. Expensive
  2. Additional cost for registration and insurance.
  3. Additional cost for franchise application at LTFRB.
  4. Additional cost for taxi meter.
  5. Additional cost for association memberships (TODA, PISTON, etc.).
  6. Prone to carnappers.

It is always a good idea to drive the vehicle yourself for maximum ROI. If you don’t know how to drive, look for a trusted driver.

How much money you have to invest?

Brand new: P60-80K (including sidecar)
2nd hand: P30-40K
Franchise: P3K (issued by local gov.)
Boundary: P120-150/day

Brand new: P300-350K
2nd hand: P100-150K
Franchise: P30K
Boundary: P600-800/day

FX (generic name for SUVs) Taxi
Brand new: P600-800K
2nd hand: P250-300K
Franchise: P50K
Boundary: P 1500-1800/day

Brand new: P500-600K
2nd hand: P250-300K
Franchise: P30K
Boundary: P 1200-1500/day

Please note that the amounts and figures stated above are rough estimates only and does not reflect the actual amount which varies from different locations nationwide.

Tricycle Dealers

Suzuki Motors
Telephone Number: (632) 671-9722 to 28
Fax Number: (632) 671-3857
Email: [email protected]

Honda Motors
Telephone Number (632) 8238001
Fax Number:
(632) 8385356
(632) 8238682
Email: [email protected]

Yamaha Motors
Tel: (63) 49-541-2890
Fax: (63) 49-541-2889

Jeepney Manufacturer

Sarao Motors
Pulang Lupa 1700 Las Pinas
Tel: 8067598

Tolentino Motors Corp.
CAA Road 1700 Las Pinas
Tel: 5664523; 8050922
Fax: 8050922

Binan Motors
55 A Roces Sr Avenue
1100 Quezon City
Tel: 3723116

Taxi & FX Dealers

Nissan Motors
Tel: 049-541-2201 to 19
Email: [email protected]

Mitsubishi Motors
Email Sales: [email protected]
Email Parts: [email protected]
Trunk Line Number: (+632) 823-2331


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