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How to Make Cookies from Coconut Residue or Sapal

Coconut residue, locally known as “sapal ng niyog” is the solid material obtained after extracting coconut milk from the fresh grated coconut or comminuted meat. It is a by-product of the coconut milk, nata de coco, virgin coconut oil and coconut jam production. It is usually disposed as waste or utilized as animal feeds. Coconut

Calcium-Enriched Cookies from Bangus Bones

Equipment needed: Pressure Cooker, Oven Corn Grinder Measuring Spoons and Cups Baking Tins Mixing bow! Laddie, Spatula Procedure for bone production Wash bangus (milkfish) bone thoroughly Pressure cook for 90 minutes at 10 lbs. Drain and oven dry for 1 hour at 360°C Grind with the use of a corn grinder Pack in a clean