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Car Wash Business Tips and Advice

If you are going to start a carwash business you need to understand that over 80 percent of your customers will come in from a ten mile radius of your location. You should also be aware that generally in the carwash industry only 15 to 20 percent of your customers will be regular; that is

Car Wash Business Startup

INVESTMENT REQUIREMENTS (All price are in Php based on 2007 market price) A. Equipment: 1 Pressure washer compact electric 1600 watts, 5.5 liters/minute – 6,300.00 1 Vacuum cleaner with blower, 750 watts 6 meter – 3,144.75 1 Power sprayer 1/2 horsepower, 26 inch – 4,567,50 1 Pressure tank 340 liters – 6,688.45 1 2-step ladder

Starting a Car Wash Business Part 2

The Car Wash That’s Right For You If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to think about what type of car wash you want to own. Some of the factors to consider in making your decision include: The amount of capital you have at your disposal The amount of time you want

Starting a Car Wash Business Part 1

In last 10 years, the population of cars has increased many fold. In today’s context most cars are driven by the owners themselves and would any day prefer to have a quick car wash, rather than leaving the car the whole day at service station. The Car Wash industry has grown from as simple as