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How to Make Kesong Puti (Soft Cheese)

DTRI soft cheese or “kesong puti” is a fresh, unripened soft cheese prepared by concentrating the protein, fat, some vitamins and minerals of milk, usually through enzymatic milk coagulation and natural draining of the resulting curd. On a per weight basis, soft cheese or DTRI “Kesong Puti” contains 5 times more protein and milk fat

How to Make Pastillas de Leche from Carabao’s Milk

Materials: Fresh carabao’s milk Sugar Pan and ladle Cup Bondpaper or Japanese paper Heated corn starch or flour Procedure: Heat the pan and pour one liter of fresh carabao’s milk. Add 1 & 1/2 cup of sugar Bring the milk to a boil and stir till it thickens Then roll on a clean, dry board

How to Make Kesong Puti from Carabao’s Milk

Soft White Cheese or “Kesong Puti” Materials: Coagulant-rennet, either the commercial or the locally prepared rennet. fresh carabao’s milk table salt casseroles framed meshwire tin coagulum scooper – about 12.7 to 15.24 cm length and width should be 3/4 of the diameter of cheese moulds. Both end should have round corners and slightly bended in

Carabeef (Carabao Meat) Popular Recipes

The use and acceptability of carabeef and other carabao products in the dining table extends from mere household recipes (in which products from cattle is commonly used) to some of the more popular comminuted products such as meat loaf, corned beef and other dairy products such as soft cheese, butter, and ice cream. Carabeef Meat

Carabao Production: Introduction, Breeds

Carabao (Bubalus bubalis) is commonly raised livestock specie in the Philippines and Region VII in particular. Generally considered as a backyard activity among farmers, this domesticated animal has gained remarkable importance in the past years as a vital component in food sustainability and income to farmers. Problems that beset carabao raisers are oftentimes location-specific, hence