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Starting a Business in Candle Making

The candle making business has existed for hundreds of years. Until today, the demand for candles is still very much valuable in several places around the globe, especially during the month of November where All Souls Day and All Saints Day are celebrated. Candle making is an ancient technique with significant uses, which still makes

How to Make Aromatherapy and Decorative Candles

Candle making is an easy, fun object that can be done in your very own kitchen. It involves mixing together a combination of waxes, then molding and/or adding scents to the mixture to yield batches of beautiful and useful candles. With all the possibilities on hand — colors, scents, shapes, etc. — this craft is

Tips in Candle Making Business

Wick The size and length of the wick that will be used will depend n the size of the candle you will make. A large wick usually causes the candle to melt faster, while an extremely small wick will not make a good candlelight. That is why the size of the wick should be adequately

How to Make Therapeutic Aroma Candle

The therapeutic aroma candle represents the very essence of aroma candles because of the beneficial effects it gives to anyone who smells its scents. For this aroma candle, we will use lavender, a popular herbal aroma. The following materials can make one big colorful therapeutic aroma candle. Raw Materials: 500 g paraffin wax in pellets

How to Make Molded Scented Candles

Materials and Supplies paraffin wax candle mold (metal, plaster, silicon rubber mold, etc.) polyethylene stoves (gas/electric stove) wick for candle (cotton wick) double boiler container technical dye (oil soluble color) storage racks essential oil (synthetic/organic oil) wick holder (bamboo stick) laboratory thermometer stirrer (wood/bamboo) weighing scale (10-kilo capacity) blade cutter (big size) scissors PROCEDURE 1.