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Cacao or Cocoa Farming

Cocoa is Grown on Trees The cocoa tree bears fruit on its trunk and branches. They are called pods. The pods contain seeds which are called cocoa beans. The beans are made up of a seed coat, a kernel and a germ. Cocoa needs a high temperature, plenty of water, and air that is always

Coconut and Cacao Inter-Cropping Model

Growing of intercrops in coconut lands produces more food and agricultural products, ensuring food security of the people in rural and urban areas. At the same time, the practice generates jobs and livelihood, enhancing farm incomes and the purchasing power of people, thus alleviating poverty in farming communities. Moreover, successful farmers serve as inspiration and

How to Grow Cacao Tree

Cacao seeds are borne in pods that hang from the branches of the cacao tree. When the red pods become deep red or hen yellow-orange and green pods become yellow, they are ready for harvest. When processed, the seeds or beans are used as flavoring materials and as chocolate beverage. These are also used in