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Coconut Burger Production for Home Business

Coconut residue, locally known as “sapal ng niyog” is the solid material obtained after extracting coconut milk from the fresh grated coconut or comminuted meat. Coconut burger patties are prepared from fresh grated coconut residue mixed with ground pork, eggs and spices and cooked until golden brown. Coconut residue (sapal) is used as filler (45%-50%)

Commercial Hamburger Recipe

Meat processing has given a lot of people additional income to meet our economic needs. Before you plan to start your own meat processing project you have to procure the right equipment and utensils and know the proper way of using the ingredients and observe quality measures to ensure good quality products. This commercial recipe

How to Make Mushroom Burger for Business

Healthy burgers now are preferred for business by replacing backfat with ground mushrooms to make the hamburger juicy and higher in yield. Beef, pork and chicken are in the amount of 70% or 700 grams per kilo and 30% (30 grams) to replace the backfat. Mushroom burger is a business which you can start in

How to Make Tuna Burger Patties

Tuna patties are a cheap but delicious alternative to expensive meat patties. Utensils: Chopping board 2 Mixing bowls 2 Aluminum trays Fork Spatula Polyethylene bags Heat sealer Knife Ingredients: 2 kilo Tuna fillet or scrap meat of any white fleshed fish 125 grams Bread crumbs 2 Eggs 1 tbsp Iodized salt 1/2 tsp Powdered pepper

How to Make Mushroom Burger for your Foodcart Business

Start a mushroom burger business targeting consumers who prefer their patties sans the cholesterol. Mushroom burgers have become a welcome alternative for people who love burgers but prefer them to be more healthful. This is because mushrooms are said to be capable of lowering cholesterol levels and to be a good source of minerals, says