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Growing Broccoli as High-Value Crops Part 2

Blackleg. This disease is caused by the fungus Phoma ling am. This manifests in young broccoli plants and seedlings. This disease is characterized by ash gray spots on the leaves and stem, speckled with tiny black spots. Stems also become girdled, and the plants eventually wilt and die. Moist conditions propagate this disease. Blackleg may

Growing Broccoli as High-Value Crops Part 1

Broccoli is currently the highest-valued vegetable in the Cordillera. This is mainly because broccoli has been reported to help in fighting cancer. Approximately 283 hectares of the Cordillera is being used for growing this vegetable. Broccoli was introduced in the industry and to Filipino taste buds just in the recent 20th century. Broccoli belongs to