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Bonsai Technique (Workshop of the Hibiscus)

The Bonsai Workshop of the Hibiscus material owned by Ugi Uyehara by Master Yang Kuo Yin features the new technique of grafting developed through years of practice. It is the first time that Master Yang shared in detail this technique to the public. Procedure The first step is to understand your material. It is important

Species for Bonsai Material Part 2

3. Kalios Common name: Kalios Local names: Aludig (Ilk.); ampas (Pampanga); bagtak (P. Bis); balangiking (Ibn.); buntatai (P. Bis.); kagasaka (Lbn.); kakadli (Tag.); kalios (Tag.); kallos (Ibn.); lampataki (Tagn.) Scientific name: Streblus asper Lour. Family: Moraceae Description An evergreen shrub, small to medium-sized tree up to 15 to 30 m tall. Bole is often irregular,

Species for Bonsai Material Part 1

Bonsai is a dwarfed tree growing in a tray or a pot. “Bon” means tray or pot in Japanese; “sai” means to plant; therefore bonsai means literally planted in a tray. It is an art of dwarfing trees or plants and developing them into an aesthetically appearing shape by growing pruning and training them in

Tips on Bonsai Making

Selecting Plant Specimens/Species You can buy plants from a nursery, or else get a half-grown bonsai. You can, of course, grow them from seeds or by asexual propagation like layering, marcotting and grafting. Marcotting or layering produces quick results because you can start with a mature tree right away. Generally, outdoor plants are preferred by

How to Make Bonsai and Its Techniques

Growing ornamental plants used to be a mere hobby of plant lovers – not any more . It has become a profitable enterprise and a fast growing industry. Commercial horticulture has long been an established industry in most part of the country but its is only recently that hobbyist have taken keen interest in growing