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How to Make Hamonadong Bangus

Materials  needed: Bangus (259 grams in size or more) Marinating solution: 800 Salometer brine (composed of 267.03 grams of salt per liter of water) 250 grams Brown sugar 6 pcs Bay leaves Nutmeg Black pepper Prague powder Paprika Procedure Wash milkfish then split . Remove all internal organs and false kidney. Debone.  Simmer the marinating

Culture of Milkfish Using Semi-Intensive System Part 2

Figure 6. Nutrient Requirements of Milkfish Feed Nutrient Suggested level Typical source Crude protein 25-40% Fish meal, soybean, corn, glutenmeal, ipil-ipil Crude fat 7-10% Vegetable and fish meal Nitrogen Free-extract (Digestible carbohydrates) 25% Yellow corn, cassava meal, rice and wheat bran, flour Crude fiber <8% Vitamin, minerals mix 3-6% Metabolized energy >3,200 kcal/kg Figure 7.

Culture of Milkfish Using Semi-Intensive System Part 1

Over the years, there has been a big steady demand for milkfish or bangus in the country. It has also been doing well in the international market with Philippine export of frozen or chilled bangus reaching over 526 metric tons or some P8.5 million annually. The following gives a good overview of how to manage

Starting a Business in Smoked Boneless Bangus

Smoked fish or Tinapa, a native Filipino delicacy, is a fish cooked/preserved through the process of smoking, it has a two-stage processes: (1) the brining part, which gives the fish a good salty taste and also makes it moist, and (2) the smoking part, which cooks the fish and gives it the smoky flavor. Smoked

Calcium-Enriched Cookies from Bangus Bones

Equipment needed: Pressure Cooker, Oven Corn Grinder Measuring Spoons and Cups Baking Tins Mixing bow! Laddie, Spatula Procedure for bone production Wash bangus (milkfish) bone thoroughly Pressure cook for 90 minutes at 10 lbs. Drain and oven dry for 1 hour at 360°C Grind with the use of a corn grinder Pack in a clean