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How to Make Sweetened Green Banana Chips

Ingredients: 5 kg Green matured banana (saba variety) 1 kg Sugar (refined) 1 L Water 6 L Oil Utensils/Supplies Knife (stainless) Stove Chopping board Absorbent paper Banana slicer Measuring cup Strainer/ladle Carajay Colander Plastic sealer Basin/mixing bowl Thermometer (100 – 250°C) Weighing scale Packaging Materiaks : PE/PP bags Procedure: Prepare 50% sugar solution. Mix 1

How to Make Banana Puree

Procedure: Peel the ripe fruit. Mash or grind with an equal amount of water. Add preservatives (ascorbic, 0.1% and/or citric acid, 0.2%) until it is in uniform consistency. Heat the puree to 82-93°C for 10 minutes. Place in sterilized containers and seal immediately. source:

How to Make Banana Catsup #2

Ingredients: Cavendish (saba) bananas 100 grams (7 tbsp.) Vinegar 1 gram (3 pcs.) Pepper, labuyo 5 grams (1 pc) Onion, powdered (medium) 1 gram (1 clove) Garlic, powdered (big) 10 grams (2 tsp.) Refined salt 80 grams (6 tbsp.) Sugar 2.7 gram (1/2 tsp.) Red dye (no. 2) 2.8 gram (1/2 tsp.) Yellow dye (no.

Handmade Paper from Banana Stalks

The information generated in this study shows the potential utilization of waste banana stalks as fiber resource for handmade paper by an environment-friendly protocol. Here, instead of using chemicals like caustic soda and acid in cooking the material to produce pulp, it utilized an edible fungi, Pleurotus sajor caju, to delignify the material and render

Coconut-Banana Intercropping

Bio-Physical Basis for Intercropping In monocrop coconut, much area is left unproductive throughout its life span. The effective root area per coconut palm is only 12.5 sq m and the functional roots are concentrated between 30 and 130 cm depth, which give an ample space for intercrop. In intercropping with banana, fertilization of coconut should