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Low Cost Bamboo Greenhouse Construction

This is the cheapest method to produce flowers and vegetables during the rainy days. With the use of bamboo or rattan which are abundant around us we can easily assist the farmers to produce flowers or vegetables during the rainy seasons. Ways to construct the greenhouse : Prepare the land with the measurement of 1.3

The Bamboo Crafts Technology

Bamboo is a plant known for its many uses. It has become the best substitute for wood in the furniture, handicraft, and construction industries, not withstanding other benefits as a source of food, biofuel, and for environmental protection. In the Philippines, natural bamboo stands are luxuriantly growing along farm boundaries, roadsides, riverbanks, backyards, and hilly

How To Make Bamboo Charcoal Briquettes

To fully utilize the bamboo, another technology was generated that could help the standowners produce more income. Wastes from bamboo processing may be manufactured into charcoal briquettes. This could help reduce pressure on wood resource. It could also help mitigate carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere. The steps in making kawayan charcoal briquettes are: 1.

Bamboo Growing and Propagation Part 2

What are the Steps in Field Planting? Bamboo can survive even in semi-arid and marginal areas. However, it grows best in riverbanks or in fields where there are enough moisture or water. The following are the steps in planting the bamboo in the field. Transplant the propagule at a spacing of 7 m x 7

Bamboo Growing and Propagation Part 1

One of the pressing problems being faced by the country today is the scarcity of lumber. A good substitute for lumber is bamboo. Bamboo could generate tremendous income for bamboo stand owners and traders and could create jobs for the people. There are about 65 known species of bamboo found in the country but the