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Learning Balloon Twisting and Sculpting

Balloon Twisting Balloon modeling or balloon twisting is the shaping of special modeling balloons into almost any given shape, often a balloon animal. People who create balloon animals and other twisted balloon sculptures are called Twisters. Twisters often work as busker, clowns, or restaurant entertainers. Basic Twists Here’s the scoop on some of the basic

Start a Balloon Arrangement Business

Start a balloon arrangement business that provides decoration and giveaway items for social events. There’s an emerging market for alternative decorations and giveaway items such as balloon arrangements. Charish Villasenor, a resource speaker at the Businessmaker Academy, says that may companies are now shifting from flowers to balloons for decorating their events because the later

How to Make Balloon Animals (Video) Part 1

Artists who twist and shape balloons into shapes such as animals and other various toys are known as balloon modelers or balloon twisters, and are usually contorting long, cylindrical balloons into said shapes for entertainment purposes such as children’s birthday parties or celebrations. Though the practice might seem benign to those who don’t have the

Starting and Running a Balloon Decor Business

It is very easy to get into the balloon business, but the trick is staying in business! That takes dedication, talent, commitment to constant education and professionalism. Business Decisions You talk about the desire to get into the balloon business as a “retailer”, a “distributor”, and finally, as a balloon “decorator”. All 3 are quite