Steps How to Export Your Farm Produce

Phytosanitary Certification of Plants and Plant Products

Step 1. Fill up BPI “Q” Form No. 10

    • Apply at least 48 hours prior to treatment or inspection of your commodity.
    • Then PQ Officer will verify if commodity is allowed or prohibited in country of destination.
  • Together with the application, submit necessary documents/requirements (e.g. export declaration, import permit from importing country, commodity clearance, CITES permit, etc.)

Step 2. Scheduling of Plant Quarantine Inspector

  • First come first serve basis on the availability of PQ Inspector. However, if you applied 48 hours, you are assured of an inspector.

Step 3. Inspection of Commodities During Packing Stuffing

  • To be done at the exporter’s premises or at the PQ Office 5-10% random inspection of every consignment.

Step 4. Quarantine Treatment

4a. Wood Packaging Materials (WPM)

  • Heat treatment (HT) OR Methyl bromide fumigation (MB)
  • Marking of WPM should be in accordance with BPI Q.AO. No. 1, series of 2004. Either immediately before or immediately after treatment.

4b. Plant and Plant Products

  • Fumigation, chemical dipping or spraying, seed dressing, and others whichever is applicable or required by the country of destination.

Note that:

  1. Only accredited or authorized Quarantine Treatment Provider (QTP) can treat commodity
  2. PQ Officer should supervise treatment process
  3. MB fumigation requires at least 24 hours
  4. In-transit fumigation is not allowed

Step 5. Issuance of Phytosanitary Certificate

  • Submit the fumigation or heat treatment certificate issued by the QTP. Including gas reading tube iof fumigation was done.
  • Issuance is within seven days after the completion or treatment or inspection.

Step 6. Payment of Regulatory Fees (OR) and Other Expenses

  • The exported may provide safe transportation and satisfactory meal during inspection and treatment in lieu of reimbursement.

Other Services/Documents Issued

  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • Fumigation certificate
  • Nematode analysis
  • Seed analysis
  • Seed pathological analysis

For more information and assistance, contact:

Mr. Larry R. Lacson, Chief PQS
PQS-OSEDC, Philtrade, Buendia, Pasay City
Phone: (02) 831-1812/2201 local 229

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