Starting a Paintball Business Guide

Paintball is a game where players of two teams compete in an enclosed field by “shooting” their opponents with a paintball gun. It’s the one sport that comes closest to an actual gun battle without anybody getting killed or seriously hurt.

There are variations to the game, including the number of players and the playing field, but the object of the game is usually for one team to “kill” all the players in the other team.

Paintball is so exciting that it draws more and more adherents every day making it the fastest growing sport in the world. It has grown so explosively it’s now the third most popular extreme sport with 11 million players around the globe.

Nature of the sport

You cannot win in paintball just by hiding under cover, pointing your gun from time to time and shooting. You have to be aggressive and learn to run, duck, roll, crawl, and scream if needed.

Anticipating the movement of your opponents and coordinating with your teammates at the same time is an important key to winning the game.

Paintball is a sport fit for Filipinos because there is no advantage in being taller. In fact small, athletic players actually have an advantage because they are more difficult to spot. In fact, many of the top paintball players in the United States are Filipinos residing there.

Starting the Business

Paintball wars are a fun sport and recreational activity that allow people to let loose and get some good exercise. Opening a paintball business can be a great idea, especially if there aren’t any nearby. To start a paintball business, you should have some knowledge of the activity as well as an idea of what will make your business different from the rest. The basic guidelines:

  1. Go out to several different paintball businesses and play parks. Check out their amenities, packages, concepts for war arenas and kinds of equipment. Take note of what you like and what seems to work. You can even talk to other people there and ask what they like and don’t like, and things they would like to see improved.
  2. Come up with a concept that is fun and unique. You need to think of something like a jungle paintball zone, a circus, a water park zone and so on. Decide what concept you wish to pursue and write out your plans. Draw up some sketches of obstacles, barriers and trespass zones that fit with your theme.
  3. Find a plot of land that will suit your needs. Purchase or lease the property. Build your obstacles, barriers and such and decorate as needed. Don’t forget to build an office where all the business transactions will occur. You may also consider a small food concession area to sell snacks and drinks, as paintball players will work up an appetite.
  4. Purchase all the paintball gear that will be rented for use at your paintball park. Make sure you get a wide variety and have all sizes available to accommodate your customers’ needs. Label all the gear with the business name, phone number and address to prevent theft.
  5. Make flyers and hire college students to distribute them at school, put them on car windshields and spread the word about your new paintball zone. Advertise in the yellow pages and get involved with the community so people will know you exist.

Paintball has a mixed type of product distribution: manufacturer to distributor to retailer (web or brick/mortar); manufacturer to retailer; manufacturer to consumer. Paintball has many crossovers and combinations, making things interesting. Most distributors manufacture some products, and some distributors also have retail interests.

A company could begin with a list of manufacturers whose products the company wants to sell, and then talk to the manufacturers one by one to find out how their programs work. At the same time, the company would want to talk to the major distributors and check their programs and prices.

The major wholesalers has been important in building this young industry. Many stores and fields buy from wholesalers as well as from manufacturers. Some manufacturers will only sell through distributors. Add the nationwide mass merchants, and the national or regional sporting goods stores, surplus stores, etc., and the picture becomes more complex.

Suggestion is to prepare a formal business plan including a market survey in your area, demographics, and specific research on each product to be carried as to better sources.

Sometimes a source might be good on some products, not as good on others, but the combination overall makes the source the one you want because of good service, freight costs, or whatever programs they offer that work best for a company.

It comes down to a lot of research. Also suggested: visit all the brick/mortar paintball stores in the area and an hour or so drive time outside the area; talk to as many store owners as possible to hear their opinions.

Consult with an accountant/CPA and crunch the numbers before launching a business.

Playing The Game

How it is Played

Playing Tips and Advice

a. How to Aim a Paintball Gun

  1. Purchase sights for your paintball gun, if you would rather not shoot blindly. Find sights online at paintball retailers or from local sporting goods stores.
  2. Look through the sight and get your target in view. Once it comes into view, aim the paintball gun and shoot. If fired correctly, the paintball should land on the spot that you saw in your sight.
  3. Fire a test shot to get a feel for the gun and see where your initial paintball lands. After the first shot, you may need to adjust the placement of your sight.
  4. Continue to fire your paintball gun until you master your aim. As you shoot more, you’ll get a better idea of where your paintballs are landing. Use this information to aim more accurately and hit more targets.

Tips & Warnings:

  • For a red dot sight, consider investing in a sight manufactured by ADCO. This sight improves your aim by placing a red laser dot on your target.
  • Remember to get a feel for your aim with as few shots as possible. Paintballs are expensive and you want to waste as few as possible.

b. How to Crawl Through Open Spaces in Paintball

  1. Lay flat on your belly. Use your elbows, knees and free hand to propel yourself across the ground. Keep your marker ready to defend yourself.
  2. Move at an erratic pace. The sound of steady movement in a game of paintball or woodsball attracts more attention from your opponents than random noise.
  3. Look for obstacles that you can hide behind. You don’t want your body being the tallest object in the area for a paintball opponent to see.
  4. Travel light. More equipment means more bulk, which increases your difficulty hiding.
  5. Wear camouflaged clothing. Clothing that blends into your environment ensures that you don’t instantly alert your competition to your presence. On a woodsball course, this might be true camouflage. On a paintball course, this might be clothing that blends in with the most obstacles.
  6. Practice crawling through your yard. Your neighbors my look askance, but your paintball opponents will notice the difference. Practice helps you keep your elbows and behind out of the air.

Tips & Warnings

  • Half empty hoppers and pods make a lot of noise even when you crawl.
  • You can receive a lot of pointers from hard-core paintball and woodsball players on websites like Special Ops Paintball and WarPig.
  • Paintball can be a dangerous recreational sport. Use appropriate safety equipment when playing.

Where to ask questions and get advice? Visit the forums and Paintball Nation

Equipment Suppliers:

Custom Mechanix Paintball
Unit 10. 198 Promenade Bldg. Wilson St. Cor. P. Guevarra San Juan, Metro Manila
Tel: 02-723-7981

Good Hand Security Products
#147 ilocos Sur St Bago Bantay Quezon City (back of SM North EDSA)
Phone: (02) 259-3465, 455-6254, 456-0263
Email Address: [email protected]

APS Paintball Limited
Unit B, 22/F, 77 Wang Lung Street,
Richwealth Ind Bldg, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (852) 2409-4466, Fax: (852) 2409-9632



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