Starting a Home-Based Bakery Business


Lots of people have cashed in on home baking business opportunities. Often, these baked goodies are ordered by food suppliers, restaurants, party planners and caterers. Most of the time, payments are made in advance – a good deal all around.

For people who have a talent for baking delicious treats and goodies, starting a bakery business sounds like a great idea. If there is no space at home to do the baking and selling, opening a bakery close to home is the next best thing. But prior to starting anything, it would be good to check what laws and regulations governing operating a bakery business are in force in a particular area.

Skills Needed

Owners of home baking business entities need to have some know-how on proper home bakery management. This can be obtained either by attending a baking course or through pure home baking experience. Naturally, a home baking business owner has to be skilled at producing baked goods and marketing them well if he or she is to market them successfully.

Experience Needed

Experience in the home baking business is definitely a plus. But in the absence of firsthand knowledge of baking, going to a baking school or attending short courses will help. Talking to people who have had success with starting and running their own baking business from home is another way to learn more about the business. Doing part-time work at a bakery is another way to gain baking business experience.

Startup Requirements

A baking business does not necessarily need a lot of baking equipment to get started. A few quality baking ingredients and baking supplies, a decent baking oven and a couple of winning recipes is a good start.

Another way to get home baking supplies that is both cheap and easy is to buy a small bakery that has gone up for sale. It is bound to have some of the baking equipment needed to start a home-based bakery, plus the location can serve as a temporary storage space for other baking ingredients and baking supplies.

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