Starting a Business in Flower Arrangement

Flower arrangement is the combination of several elements to produce a visually pleasing display of fresh, silk, or dried flowers Flowers are arranged in several basic designs, including vertical, horizontal, triangular, crescent, and oval arrangements.

Floristry is the general term used to describe the professional floral trade, it encompasses flower care and handling, floral design or flower arranging, merchandising, display, and flower delivery. Floral Design or floral arts is the art of creating flower arrangements in vases, bowls, baskets or other containers, or making bouquets and compositions from cut flowers, foliages, herbs, ornamental grasses, and other botanical materials.

Investment Requirements ( in Php based on 2009 prices)


  • 1 Scissor – 55.00
  • 1 Cutter – 55.00
  • 1 Glue gun – 165.00
  • Total – P275.00

Supplies (can make 2 bouquets per dozen of assorted fresh flowers)

  • 1 doz  Assorted fresh flowers  – 110.00
  • 1 doz  Assorted fresh leaves – 55.00
  • 1 roll Floral tape – 33.00
  • 2 bricks  Floral foam  – 22.00
  • 2 pcs  Flower vase or clay pot – 22.00
  • 1 doz    Bamboo sticks – 33.00
  • 1 roll    Strings / wires – 33.00
  • 1 roll    Ribbons / lace – 33.00
  • Total – P341.00

Indirect Cost (based on 15 bouquets average produced per day of 2 skilled workers)

  • Labor – 46.67
  • Electricity – 3.33
  • Transportation – 2.67
  • Water – 2.67
  • Contingency – 31.00
  • Total – P86.34



  1. Attached the stick to the foam and secure it by using a plastic string.
  2. Soak the floral foam in water with sugar or chlorine till it stops to bubble.
  3. Cover the stick with floral tape, hiding the string.
  4. Arrange the fresh flowers in an arc share or dome like.
  5. Insert some fresh leaves and Angel’s Breath fresh flowers to highlight your arrangement.
  6. Attach the doily using a glue gun.
  7. Make two ribbons using the wires and attach it to the stick below the doily.
  8. Cover the stick with a floral tape, covering the wires.


  1. Insert the wired 2 pieces of mums stem in a dome-shaped foam and secure it with string (topiary form). Soak foam in water till it stops to bubble.
  2. Put the soaked floral foam in the bottom of the clay pot then place topiary form in.
  3. Cover the topiary with Formosa and the foam between the topiary and the pot.
  4. Arrange the mums in a ball-like shape.
  5. Arrange flowers at the bottom.

Corsage Making:

  1. Cut the head of the flower, leaving 3/4″ stem. Insert the end of a stem wire vertically into the base.
  2. Loosely wrap the wire around the full lenght of the stem in a spiral. Cover the stem and wire with floral tape.
  3. After wiring the flower head, add the fillers and greens to the flower by wrapping them together using florist’s wire. Always add the filler first to surround the flower and the foliage last to frame it in.
  4. Cut excess wire off after wrapping around twice. This keeps the cluster from getting to heavy.
  5. Attach the florist bow by wiring. Cover the stem with floral tape. Attach the safety pin.

Pricing and Costing

  • Direct cost for 2 bouquets – 310.00
  • Add: Indirect cost – 86.34
  • Add: 25% markup – 99.09
  • Selling price 2 bouquets – 495.43
  • Market rate, depending on the location and season – P250.00

Estimated Sales per Day

  • Sales of bouquets  (15 per day x 247.72 per bouquet) – 3,715.80
  • Less operating expenses:
    • Electricity – 50.00
    • Raw materials – 2,325.00
    • Water – 40.00
    • Labor – 700.00
  • Total expenses – P3,115.00
  • Net income daily – P600.80

Other income can be generated from sale of topiary, corsage,  flowers, and other fresh flower products.

Registration Requirements

  • Business name registration (
  • Mayor’s/Business Permit (check your local municipality/city)
  • BIR TIN (

Financing Facility

  • SSS Special Financing Program (
  • Small & Medium Enterprise Credit ( or

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