Starting a Bar or Club Business


Friends, laughter, celebrations, entertainment–fun! These are the things that might come to your mind when you think about owning your own bar as you imagine rooms filled with friendly conversation, music and people enjoying themselves. If you’re thinking of opening a sports bar, you might envision an exciting game on big-screen TVs with everyone cheering and having a great time. Owning a bar sounds like the perfect life to many potential entrepreneurs, but it’s not always fun and games behind the scenes.

Owning your own bar/club can mean long hours, meticulous attention to detail, giving up vacations and weekends, and sometimes dealing with unruly customers. But if you have a clear vision, do your homework and learn the ins and outs of the business, it can also translate into a rewarding and financially successful enterprise.

Part 1 – The Stats

  • What can you expect
  • What’s your bar type
    • Neighborhood bar
    • Sports bar
    • Brewpub or beer bar
    • Specialty bar
    • Club

Part 2 – Target Market

  • General demographics
  • Alcohol trends
  • Other important statistics
  • Lifestyle trends
  • Your customers and the competition
  • Using Your Research Effectively

Part 3 – Start-up Costs

Part 4 – Operations

  • The Road to Success
  • Finding Your Perfect Location
  • Your Bar: The Place to Be
  • Naming Your Bar

Part 5 – Marketing

  • Staging Promotional Events
  • Prepare
  • Make a schedule
  • Maintain the energy level
  • Party all night

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