Setting-up a Home Based Business in Appliance Repair

If you’re a man and you’ve always had fun tinkering with broken appliances you’ve found in your garage or a Ms. Handy Woman type of female who has no problems fixing water pipes with a few patches placed here and there.

Establishing a home based appliance repair business may just be the home-based business income opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Home Based Appliance Repair Business – One of the Easiest Small Business Ideas to Set Up

There are many reasons to establish a home-based appliance repair shop. For one, it is inexpensive; all you need is a place where you are free (and left alone) to tinker with the appliance needing repair. This can even be a space in your garage, your current ‘workshop’ in the shed or even your attic!

The appliance repair shop equipment you need is also not that expensive. Besides, you can start with second-hand tools or even rent them first while you get a feel of your home-based business.

Best of all, a home based appliance repair business is a very flexible business to have as you can easily dictate to clients when you expect to finish the job!

Home Based Appliance Repair Business – Points to Ponder

Granted that a home based appliance repair business is easy to establish, you should nevertheless ensure that you approach it as a serious business and consider the following.

1. Start-Up Costs – With the exception of purchasing the necessary licenses to make your home-based business legitimate, there isn’t much to spend for your business to become fully operational. If you feel the need to expand your knowledge however, you could opt to purchase manuals or tool kits that will help hone your skills in appliance repair .

2. Neighborhood Policies – Make sure that you aren’t violating any neighborhood policies if and when you decide to set up your appliance repair shop.

3. Advertising – Take advantage of the many FREE ways to advertise (e.g., handing out leaflets, attending a community meeting to announce your business, etc.) before you start spending on marketing your services. Be sure too that you have great sign outside your home so that neighbors and passersby are aware that you offer such services inside your home.

4. Find a Niche – Like any other business, it is great if you can cater to all your clients’ needs but it is also important that you specialize in something. The home based appliance repair business is no different. What you specialize in depends on what you want and your current skills. For instance, you can focus on major electrical home appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners or you can specialize in older-generation or antique appliances that are no longer manufactured.

Skills Requirement

  • Small appliance repairers typically acquire skills on the job; large appliance repairers normally get formal training via trade schools, community colleges, or straight from appliance manufacturers.
  • An understanding of electronics/electric is a must.

So what are you waiting for? Make money from your tinkering!

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