Setting-up a Cheaper Digital Photo Printing Business

The “digital revolution” entails a lot of promise for enterprising individuals, and going into the digital photo printing business is a wise option. It is now emerging as a profitable market boosted by the advent of affordable camera cellphones and digital cameras.

If you are interested in putting up a Digital Photo Printing Business but cannot afford the prices for the machine being used by other digital printing companies like Photoline, Kodak, Picture City, Tronix, Digiprint, etc., here’s a cheaper and simple alternative. The items below are necessary and part of the system that you will need for the Digital Printing Shop to be fully operational. All you need is the business site.

  1. A PC set with at least the following specifications:
    • Latest Intel or equivalent processor with 2GB Ram
    • 17″ monitor
    • Optical drive
    • Bluetooth
    • Infrared/WiFi
    • Card reader
    • USB connections/hub
  2. Two printers with Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) loaded with 100ml of ink (6 color ink printer for best quality printouts)
  3. Digital Printing Software (prints 3R size, 3R wallet size, 4R size & 4R wallet size)
  4. 3R photo paper (500 pcs.)
  5. 4R photo paper (500 pcs.)
  6. Paper cutter
  7. Flatbed scanner
  8. Table, chairs and office supplies

Approximate total investment: P100,000 – 120,000
ROI: 5-6 Months


  • 3R size = P5.00
  • 3R wallet = P5.00
  • 4R size = P6.00
  • 4R wallet = P6.00

Approximate Computations

Given: Gross Sales for a 1 PC, 2 printers and 1 employee set-up, and shop operation is 10 hours.

  • Gross monthly sales = P54,900
  • Average daily sales = P1,800

Less Expenses:

P6,000 – Rent/Electricity
P13,000 – Photo Paper
P2,500 – Ink
P8,000 – Employee salary
P600 – Others (office supplies)
P30,100 – Total expenses

Net Income = 54,900 – 30,100 = 24,800

The salary may vary depending on how much you will pay and number of employees. The material cost of the inks and photo paper will also vary depending if you can get the supplies cheaper.

Note: The estimates above is based on the actual digital printing shop. Amounts may vary depending on your shop location and rental rates.

Additional Tips from Ricachu

I’m into this business for 4 years now and this is what I can say, if you really want hassle free digital photo printing, go for a minilab like the one used by Kodak, Fuji or Noritsu, the price is rather expensive but the quality of prints are far better than any inkjet photo printer… maintenance wise, it is also less hassle.

As with using inkjet printers, setting up the entire thing does not ensure a smooth operations. not unless your costumers are not so picky and they are ok with pictures which are sometimes bluish, reddish or with some fine lines showing, then you can go ahead. But otherwise if you want quality and professional results, you should know how to set the hues and intensity of the ink against the model and brand.

First of all you have to know how to install or repair CISS yourself while in action because sometimes just a wrong twist of the tubes inside will cause the printer to function abnormally.

You should also learn how and when to clean and deep clean your printers or else you will end up wasting so much ink smudging many photopapers. It is also a must that you know how to reset your printers. Printers have built in counters such that when the counter reached the maximum print count, it will automatically give an error message and will refuse to print.

I can’t say it can’t be done but based on experience, it’s not super easy at all. So if you really have the capital, go for the minilabs. meantime, if cash is not readily available then I guess inkjet will do fine in small volumes.



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