Preservation of Carabao Hide, Parts of the Body

Preservation of Carabao Hide

Depending on the quality of the hides, they can be sold from P3.50-P4.00 per kg in most tanneries of Bulacan. Damaged hides caused by barbed wire fencing, fighting, whip marks, tick bites, indiscriminate branding and improper flaying command much lower prices than good ones.

In the absence of tanneries within the immediate locality, hides should be properly preserved either by salting or drying. Salting, is usually resorted to when several hides are held for several days or weeks prior to marketing. In addition, this holds true when the price of salt is reasonable.

Hides to be salted are usually piled up 7.6 cm above the floor with the flesh side-up. If held for longer period, the hide should be replied and resalted. The top hide goes to bottom in the second piling.

If hides are to be dried, they should be toggled or nailed on board or bamboo frames. They may also be hand staked. The method is accomplished by pulling the skin over a wooden or bamboo staker and stretching it under tension.

The cured or dried hides for marketing should be folded only once. The fold should be along the line of the backbone.

Parts of the Body (click image to enlarge)

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The publication of this guide was made possible through the Livestock Division of DA-RFU-VII. May this serve our clientele at its best. – Eduardo B. Lecciones, Jr., Regional Executive Director

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