Drying Flowers, Extends the Life and Beauty

Flowers are important in our lives, as an inspiration and to give peace of mind. However, the life of flowers is short. They soon wilt and die. To overcome this problem, flowers can be dried or preserved in a number of ways. For decorative purposes, dried flowers can be classified into three types: Dried flowers

Bonsai Technique (Workshop of the Hibiscus)

The Bonsai Workshop of the Hibiscus material owned by Ugi Uyehara by Master Yang Kuo Yin features the new technique of grafting developed through years of practice. It is the first time that Master Yang shared in detail this technique to the public. Procedure The first step is to understand your material. It is important

Guide to Retail Clothing Store Business Startup

Opening an apparel store is serious business. For some of you, it may mean giving up the safety of your corporate job with its steady income, paid holidays, vacations and the opportunity for advancement. All this, and guaranteed 12- to 14-hour days. Running an apparel store is more than a full-time job. Fortunately, there’s always

Starting a Computer Repair and Services Business

Almost all small businesses and home offices use computers and depend on them to be working properly. They don’t have the skills, the time or the desire to do their own computer service, repair and upgrades, and that puts us right in the middle of one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. No matter

How Retirees Can Turn Into Entrepreneurs

Most people who experience a disruption in their career–whether due to retrenchment, retirement, or some other event beyond their control–eventually are able to find another job while the rest either retire for good or become entrepreneurs. Vicente U. Kilayko, sales and marketing director of Drake Beam Morin (DBM) Philippines Inc., says the ratio is usually