BIO-N, Low-Cost, High-Yield Organic Fertilizer vs Commercial Fertilizers

The unprecedented surge in world prices of rice, coupled with its dwindling local supplies have driven the country’s policy experts to dig deep for intelligent solutions. They believe the situation calls for practical solutions such as urging the people to cut down on rice consumption by switching to other carbohydrate-rich substitutes. For the long-term, however,

Seaweeds Processing (Village Level)

a. Philippine Natural Grade (PNG) Carrageenan Chips Step by step process Washing the raw materials – removes the sea salts, dirt, mud, and sand entrained in the seaweeds. Alkali treatment – improves the quality properties of the product, making the product more valuable. Post-alkali washing – removes as much of alkali from the treated seaweed

How To Make An Ornamental Dish Garden

Bring nature inside your homes by creating your own dish garden. It’s a great gift and a great source of additional income. One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors during this rainy season is by bringing nature inside. And the simplest, easiest way to achieve this, even in a small apartment or office

Advantages of Raising Ducks

In the Philippines, ducks rank next to chickens for egg and meat production. The duck population in 1998 was about 9.05 million (preliminary estimate), of which 7 million or 79% were in the backyard farms while the rest were in commercial establishments. Central Luzon which supply eggs in Metro Manila, has almost 2 million ducks.

How To Make Donuts (Food Business)

Plain for fancy, donuts are a quick, easy way to make and sell, according to Erlinda Ferrer-Soriano, lecturer at the ESF Cakes and Bread House. Mother who usually prepare their kids’ merienda can shoot two birds with one stone by preparing more than their kids’ need to earn more. Sell to friends and neighbors, tap

Tips for a Longer Shelf Life of Salted Egg (Filipino)

Ang pag-aalaga ng itik, isang mahusay na negosyo, ay hindi kumpleto kung hindi sasamahan nang paggawa ng balot at itlog na maalat o itlog na pula. Ang mga pagkaing ito na malasa at masustansiya ay araw-araw na ipinagbibili sa buong kapuluan at iniluluwas sa ibang mga bansa tulad ng Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Peninsula, Bahrain at