Growing Organic Eggplant in Greenhouse

Growing organic plants remains to be one of the toughest jobs put forth before the modern day cultivators. Basics of agriculture remain the same even after many years. People would always want best out of any cultivable land. The aim is well justified only when sufficient facilities are available for the farmers. Adequate knowledge on

Makabuhay, Botanical Pesticide for Rice

The makabuhay plant is a clinging vine, and the name itself suggests the primary purpose of such plant. Makabuhay is a Filipino translation of the English term ‘pro-life or to give life’. It is commonly known as the paliahan in the Visayas region. The plant belongs to the family of Menispermaceae, and can grow, or

Starting a School or Training Center Business

Starting a private school is a lengthy, complicated process. Fortunately for you plenty of folks have done the same thing you are thinking of doing. You will find much inspiration and practical advice from their examples. In fact, you will find it extremely useful browsing the history section of any established private school’s website. Some

Starting a Business in Chrysanthemum Farming

Chrysanthemum is one of the leading cutflowers and potted plants in the international market. Domestic market has increased both for cutflowers and potted plants. Local production cannot cope with the demand, thus the importation of this cutflower from other countries. The development of chrysanthemum industry as a major ornamental cutflower and potted plants enterprises supports

Saba Banana Production Guide Part 3

Banana floral thrips (Thrips flaerum): Can be controlled by spraying the bunch with effective insecticides like Dioazinon. Two to three spraying are required to attain good control. Furthermore, inflorescence injection with the application of synthetic pyrethroid has also been found effective in controlling thrips. DISEASES: important diseases affecting Saba banana are sigatoka, black leaf streak,