Tips on How To Market Your Business

So many business ventures are established every day, thus making competition stiffer. It is necessary that you relentlessly promote your business, if you want it to survive. Being able to launch your business successfully does not mean that you will be able to keep existing customers for granted. You must be able to continually satisfy

Guide to Starting ID & Badge Printing Business

ID badges and passes are important for school, office and event use. ID tags may include name, title, photo and information about the access level of the person. Laminated badges look great and are protected from wear and tear damage. Creating laminated ID tags are easy to make with a few supplies. Thermal laminating film

Growing Eggplant (with Cost Analysis)

Variety Description (fresh) a. Mistisa potential yield: 30 tons/hectare (t/ha) maturity: 55 days after transplanting (DAT) fruits: medium long, striped light violet, have 1 week storage life, very good for “Pinakbet” resistant to bacterial wilt, and moderately resistant to fruit borer, leaf hopper, and phomopsis ideal for organic production IPB-released variety b. Mara potential yield:

Setting Up a Generic Drugstore Business

The demand for affordable and quality medicines along with the government’s efforts of lowering its prices paved the way for aspiring entrepreneurs to venture into selling generic medicines. Generic medicines are always less expensive. It cost about thirty percent to eighty percent lower than the branded medicines. Quality and efficacy of generic medicines now are

Hog/Swine: Farm Activities & Transporting Tips

Farm Activities Checklist Daily Activities Feed pigs on time. Monitor pigs during eating. Mark pigs with no appetite for further observation and health check. Check water supply. Water nipples maybe clogged or water output is low. Clean pens, drinkers, troughs, and feed storage. Practice wet cleaning in the morning and dry cleaning in the afternoon

How to Make Pineapple Vinegar for Home Business

Ingredients: 3 cups mashed pineapple (ripe/over-ripe, cores, fillings and trimmings) 9 cups water 2 cups refined sugar ½ tsp yeast 2 cups mother vinegar Procedure: Prepare diluted fruit juice (one part mashed fruit to three parts water). Chop the fruit cores. Use a blender if available. Add water and put in a cheesecloth. Press to