How to Make Gift Baskets as Home Business

Gift baskets are extremely easy to put together, but if you are creative enough, the results will look stunning. Gift baskets are suitable for people who cannot decide on one particular gift items, so they prefer giving away and assortment of goods all wrapped up (or in this case, placed) in a nice package. Target

How to Make Chocolate Shapes and Molding

MELTING CHOCOLATE USING MICROWAVE Average melting time (on high – 100%) for chunks of chocolate to melt are: 1 ounce = 1 minute 2 ounces = 1.5 minutes 3 ounces = 2 minutes 4 ounces = 3.5 minutes For a larger quantity, watch carefully and stir every 30 seconds to make sure you don’t overcook

How to Make Fruitcake (Recipes)

Fruitcake has a shelf-life of at least 6 months if kept in refrigerator. It can also be an ideal gift for anybody on any occasion. Fruitcakes have been making the rounds for centuries. In general, fruitcakes can include any and all of the following: candied fruit, dried fruit, fruit rind, nuts, spices and some sort

Growing and Cultivation of Onions Part 4 – Marketing

Curing The purpose of a curing period is to allow natural dormancy to develop and to dry the onion sufficiently. A properly cured onion will have a dry shrunken neck and dry outer scales. The respiration rate of a cured bulb is lower than that of an uncured bulb. Fully mature bulbs are harvested and

Livelihood, Skills, and Training Seminar for April 2015

From – To – Course Title 1-Mar-15 – Starting and Managing A Business 1-Mar-15 – Specialty and Decorative Soap Making 1-Mar-15 – Tilapia Hatchery and Nursery 1-Mar-15 – Fish Processing 1-Mar-15 – Setting up A Panciteria/Noodles House Business 5-Mar-15 – 8-Mar-15 – T-Shirt Production 6-Mar-15 – 8-Mar-15 – Barista/Coffee Shop Business 6-Mar-15 – 7-Mar-15 –

Growing and Cultivation of Onions Part 3 – Pests Management

Purple Blotch (Alternaria porri) attacks onion, garlic, shallot and other Allium crops. Initially, small white sunken spots develop on the leaves. These enlarge, become zonate and under moist conditions, turn purple. These are also prominent on the inflorescence stalks. Infection can cause a semi-watery rot on necks of bulbs that turn yellow-red in color. Infected