Recycling Tin Cans Into Useful Crafts

Recycle your cans. Tin and steel cans save a lot of energy if they are recycled. Reclaiming one ton of steel or tin saves 1.5 tons of ore. Tin recycling saves an estimated 2,600 kilowatt hours per ton. Steel recycling saves and average of 4,300 kilowatt hours per ton or 47% of the energy required

Growing Cassava for Food and Business

Locally known as kamoteng kahoy or balinghoy, cassava (scientific name: Manihot esculenta) ranks second only to sweet potato in hectarage among root crops produced in the country. It is mainly grown for its tubers which are a rich source of carbohydrates. Unknowingly, it is a good source of calcium and ascorbic acid. However, there are

Carrying Out a Feasibility Study, Part 2: Technical Feasibility

Technical Feasibility After calculating the scale of production needed to supply the estimated likely share of the market. It is necessary to assess whether production at this scale is technically feasible. The following steps have to be taken: Identify the raw material supply, their quality and buying costs Identify production location and product quality Identify

Carrying Out a Feasibility Study, Part 1: Before Starting a Business

An idea for a business is not a sufficient reason to begin production straight away. It is essential to be aware of the different aspects involved in actually running the business. To reduce the risk of failure, producers should first go through the following aspects and finally develop a business plan. 1. Assess yourself as

How to Make Solid Perfume

Because it’s easy to make, solid perfume opens the door to experimentation, creativity and individuality. Whether you’re looking to set yourself apart with a unique scent or you’re not so fond of the alcoholic undertones in most liquid perfumes, these instructions will show you how to create an inexpensive alternative. Though cologne and body spray

eBIRForms: Planning Ahead of the BIR

The Electronic Filing and Payment System (EFPS) of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) aims for a more advanced system of filing of tax returns to ultimately make the process convenient and easy for citizen filers. In 2013, the BIR introduced the Electronic BIR Forms Package, a platform that assists non-EFPS taxpayers to accomplish a