Alternative Feeds for Cattle

Feed represents the largest single production expense for cattle operations. There are many different feedstuffs that can be included in rations for cattle, and there is nothing special about particular ingredients. What matters is the nutrients they provide. While beef producers rely heavily upon forages for the basis of a feeding program, forages often must

How to Make Fabric Softener for Home Business

Many times, we find clothes too stiff to be worn and stop using them altogether. However, stiff clothes can be made comfortable by treating them with fabric softener, which makes them lose all their tautness. If the softener is a homemade one, all the more better. Business Potential The market demand for fabric softener is

Growing Gerbera, a Cut-Flower Business

There’s something about gerberas that just makes you wanna smile when you see them. You can’t help it- they seem to be the happiest looking flowers in the world that a mere glance at these beautiful flowers can get one’s spirits soaring. It is by no coincidence that Gerbera is among the top 5 of

The Myths and Facts of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)

MLM is the direct descendent of classic, no-product pyramid schemes. With expansive pay plans and an endless chain of recruitment, MLM assumes both infinite and virgin markets – neither of which exist. MLM is therefore inherently flawed, uneconomic and fraudulent. In a 1974 ruling, the FTC found in the very structure of “multi-leveling” or “pyramid

Dried Mango Recipe

This ripe, sun dried mangoes is good for snacks and desserts. It has a chewy consistency that makes its taste linger in your mouth. Ingredients: 10 kg firm ripe mangoes 1.8 kg refined sugar 4 liter water 10 g sodium metabisulfite Materials: Stainless steel peeler Stainless steel knife Cheesecloth Chopping board Thermometer Colander or strainer

Raising Ostrich for Business in the Philippines

Imagine an egg, which weighs one and a half kilo and hatches into a chick as large as a full-grown hen. Imagine its long-necked mother, taller and heavier than most men, with powerful legs running as fast as a car. Imagine 600 of these creatures huddling as a herd in a farm nestled on the