Plant Species with Essential Oil for Perfume Production Part 1

Essential oils for the manufacture of perfumes, confectioners, liquors and beverages are now difficult to obtain. This is because the raw material sources are diminishing in many areas in the country. Manufacturers and producers are now being encouraged to establish and develop their own plantations for the purpose of generating enough supply of volatile oils

How to Make Wine from Yacon

Yacon, Polymnia sonchifolia is a distant relative of sunflower, This grows up to 2 meters in height with small, daisy-like yellow flowers. Its roots are crisp and juicy, sweet and succulent, like an apple. The flavor is like water melon and usually eaten raw. The tuber looks like a variety of sweet potato “kamote” with

Making Spanish & Portuguese-Style Sardines for Home Business

These recipes are great for home use to share with your loved ones and also for home business. Homemade Portuguese-Style Sardines Ingredients: 1 kilo small Fish (two to three inches long, leave the scales) 2 cups Olive or vegetable oil 2 bay Leaves (laurel) 6 pieces Cloves (clavo de comer) 2 small Red chili (siling

How to Make Cake Flowers (Home-Based Business)

For decorating debut and wedding cakes, nothing can beat icing in the form of flowers. And during kiddie parties, who hasn’t seen boys and girls quarreling over the four pieces of icing flowers from the party cake? Such is the strong market potential than can be tapped by producers of icing flowers for cake. You

SNAP for Hydroponics

Simple Nutrient Additional Program (SNAP) for HYDROPONICS What it is? A low-cost hydroponics system A soil-less vegetable production system Features of SNAP Hydroponics Best for home-based vegetable production Ideal for small spaces typical in urban area as long as there is enough sunlight, air movement and rain shelter Advantages Over Other Systems Beginner-friendly Simple to

Guide for Saba (Cardaba) Banana Production Part 2

Cultural Management Fertilizer Application Fertilizer application is required to produce optimum yield. Apply fertilizer based on the result of the soil analysis, crop removal, and target yield. Generally, high nitrogen and potassium fertilizer is necessary. Nitrogen and potassium is required during the early stage of growth until bud formation and another application of potassium from