Culture of Freshwater Catfish

Freshwater catfish (hito or pantat) of genus Clarias is an important food fish in Southeast Asia. It is cultured extensively in the Philippines due to its suitability to Philippine conditions, abundance of freshwater areas, locally developed technologies for production and the presence of a vibrant market. Among the three species Clarias macrocephalus (Native catfish), Clarias

Ready-to-Drink Calamansi Juice Processing

Calamansi (citrus mitis blanco) is indigenous in the Philippines. It is also known as kalamondin, kalamunding, kalamansi, or lemonsito. The tree is small and densely branched that bears plentiful small green fruits. The fruits are available throughout the year and the peak season of the harvest is in mid-August through October. The fruit us rich

MudCrab Pen Culture in Mangroves

Over the years, commercial production of mudcrab (Scyllaspp.) has been undertaken only in bamboo – or net-fenced brackish water ponds. Its feasibility was proven trough a series of verification trials conducted in commercial ponds by SEAFDEC/AQD researchers and is now practiced elsewhere in the country. Of late, the introduction of using net enclosure to grow

How to Make Dried Mango Rolls

Making dried mango rolls is easy, and there is a good market both here and abroad for this product The Philippine mangoes’ unequaled sweetness and juiciness make them one of the country’s top food exports. This is why the Department of Science and Technology’s Industrial Technology Development Institute is constantly discovering other possible mango byproducts

Starting a Business in Herbal Bath Soap Making

Herbal bath soap contains natural ingredients like essential oils from aloe vera, patchouli, citronella, rose, and sampaguita. Other herbal soaps also contain rich vitamins from fruits like papaya, lemon, and calamansi. Estimated Investment Requirements (Php based on 2009 prices) Tools and Equipments Stick Blender or Electric Mixer Plastic – P2,000.00 Plastic dipper and plastic cups

How to Make Tomato Paste

Ingredients: 1 kg tomatoes 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp sugar cornstarch sodium benzoate (optional) Utensils: stainless/enameled kettle bowl measuring spoons wooden ladle casserole, stainless chopping board blender (optional) knife, stainless stove colander strainer, stainless thermometer weighing scale Packaging Material: sterilized glass jars with PVC caps Procedure Sort and wash ripe, fleshly red tomatoes. Blanch for