Mushroom Farming, Method 2



  • hoe for tilling the soil
  • string
  • bamboo or wooden stand or bench
  • rice straw
  • urea fertilizer: 1-½tsp./gallon water
  • newspaper for wetting


  1. Till an area about 4 meters long, one-half meter wide and 15 cm deep.
  2. Dig a canal around this, about 30 cm wide and 15 cm deep.
  3. Dry the straw very well, tie in bundles about 8 cm thick.
  4. Cut the bundles of straw in same lengths, evenly.
  5. Soak the bundles of straw in water for four hours.
  6. Put the bamboo bench over the tilled soil. Spread the bundles of straw on the bench, alternately arranging them in the first layer, all heads to the left in the next layer, all heads to the right, etc. up to the fourth layer.
  7. Crumple the newspaper and soak in the four liters water with 3 gms urea (3 gms urea or 1-1/2 tsp).
  8. On thumb sized pieces of newspaper, plant the mycelium (mushroom seeds). About three bottles of mycelium will be consumed for every 4 meters bed with six layers.
  9. Plant the wet paper with mycelium 5 cm deep into the layers of straw about 5-8 cm away from the edge and 10 cm from each other.
  10. After 5-7 days, cover the top of the pile with a clear plastic sheet like a roof resting on the bamboo, to maintain the 40%-50% heat that is just right for mushroom growth.
  11. Sprinkle water 5-6 days after this preparation. Fill the canals around with water to repel the insects and to maintain the right humidity. Stack up only until four layers during Summer and 6 layers during the rainy season.
  12. Do not water after this. On the 6 or 7 day if the weather is dry, water gently, using a sprinkler. Repeat if necessary.


  1. If the mushrooms are now umbrella-like, 10-14 days after planting, they may be harvested. These will wilt in 24 hours. The closed ones or button-like last up to 48 hours.
  2. Do not use scissors in harvesting because the parts that remain in the straw will rot. Carefully twist the lower stem with your fingers so as to get it whole.
  3. Spread the harvested mushroom on a basket for selection. Wash gently if these will be cooked soon.
  4. Let the straw bed rest for 7-10 days. In one area 4 meters and with six layers of straw, about seven kilos of buttons or 12 ½ kilos umbrella mushroom can be harvested.





    • By earthling mushroom garden


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