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The following laundry business tips and advice were lifted from discussion board posted by forum members. Most advice came from business owner themselves who have their own laundry operation.


I’m interested in putting up a laundry business here in our place (im living in the province).

I have some initial questions:

  1. How much is the initial/basic price per kilo for laundry? Comforter and other bigger items such as jackets, curtains, and bed sheets have different prices?
  2. Is it ok to use commercial soap, like the one being sold in bulk since its way cheaper?
  3. Do we have to use fabric softener or laundry soap will do?
  4. If there is a need to use fabric conditioner, is there an additional charge for it?

Hope for your replies and thanks in advance. – florenz


  1. For province, you can start your price at 25 per kilo. for jackets, charge it by pc at P100 depending on the fabric, if its denim mas mahal. Comforters,bedsheets,curtains, etc are priced at 55-60 per kilo.
  2. Use commercial detergent coz its really cheaper compared to branded one. Better yet, make your own..there are lots of seminars that teach you how to make detergent and softeners.
  3. You have to use fabric softener for your laundry, coz they expect you to do that.
  4. You don’t charge extra for using fabric softener, that should be included in your service.

Hope that answered your questions. – etten

I assume you have a big space for your laundry shop, better if you have a space where you can hang dry your laundries, that way you can also minimize use of your dryer, makakatipid ka din sa gas/lpg consumption mo.

Suggestion ko mag start ka lang muna 1 pair of washer and dryer then kung matatambakan ka na ng customers saka ka na ulit magdagdag ng units.

Yung first unit mo mas ok kung 10-11 kgs para pag may nagpa laundry sayo ng comforters magakakasya sa washer mo, then kung magdadagdag ka ng units doon ka bumili ng 5-6kgs para naman sa mga nagpapalaba ng pakonti konti.

I would still suggest a brand new units para less maintenance mo. May kakilala kasi akong may laundry na bumili ng 2nd hand units tapos babae pa sya at walang kaalam alam sa repair ng machines, ayon kinakain lang ng maintenance cost yong income nya.

Pag twin tub, di ba magastos sa kuryente ang dryer? LPG dryers ang bilhin mo.

Just use unbranded commercial laundry detergents, 10 times lower ang cost compared sa popular brands. – from different posters

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