How to Make Sweet Potato (Camote) Flour

Sweet potato or camote (ipomoea batatas) is another tropical plant whose leaves and tuberous roots are used for food. The sweet potato root is rich in starch and carotene. Camote is also commercially cultivated for starch and alcohol.


  • 2o kilos sweet potato


weighing scale net
ladle grinder
basin washer
drying rack chipper


  1. Soak the 20 kilos of sweet potato in a basin of water for a few minutes to soften the hard earth or dirt clinging to the tubers. Clean and wash the tubers thoroughly until they are free of mud and dirt.
  2. Place the kamote in a chipper for chipping. Cut the large tubers to fit into the chipper. Make sure the extruded chips fall into the catch nets of the chipper.
  3. Place the extruded chips on a drying rack and sundry for 2 days.
  4. Test the chips for dryness. If the chips are brittle and can be easily be broken, the chips are already well dried.
  5. Grind the chips.
  6. From 20 kilos of sweet potato tuber, you can recover 3.2 to 4.2 kilos of sweet potato flour.

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