How to Make Smoked Fish


Raw materials: Silinyasi, Tunsoy, Lapad or Tamban


  • Knives, Basin
  • Carajay (a frying pan with a rounded bottom like a Wok or a Kawali)
  • Smokehouse

Ingredient: Salt


  1. Remove gills and make a 0.5 cm slit on the soft belly to remove the internal organs. Wash fish thoroughly to remove the blood, slime and dirt. Drain the fish.
  2. Soak fish of 10 to 14 cm for 20 minutes while those of 4.5 cm for 5 minutes at a brine solution of 1 part salt to 3 parts water.
  3. Prepare brine solution (1 part salt to 9 parts water. Place in a carajay and let boil. Drop fish into brine and cook at least 3 minutes. Processing time of each species are as follows:
    • Silinyasi – 1.3 to 1.5 minutes
    • Tunsoy and Lapad – 2.5 to 3 minutes
    • Tamban – 3 to 4.5 minutes
  4. Sun dry the processed fish for 30 to 46 minutes to remove excess moisture and to stiffen the body.
  5. Smoked processed fish for for 1-2 hours or until golden brown in color.
  6. Cool and pack the finished product in plastic bag.

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source: Pinoy Fishmart

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