How to Make Salted Eggs in Heated Clay Method



  1. Select 250 pieces fresh, clean and crack-free duck eggs.
  2. Candle the eggs to make sure that eggs are fresh, free from cracks and not stale.
  3. Wash the selected eggs with soap and water.
  4. Pulverize 1 1/2 kg clay and heat for 1 hour. After heating, mix the heated clay to 1 1/2 kg salt.
  5. Add enough cooled boiled water to the heated clay and salt mixture. Mix well until the mixture becomes muddy in consistency.
  6. Coat eggs with the clay mixture.
  7. Arrange coated eggs in containers like wooden boxes, plastic crates, big clay pot or pail no more than 50 pieces. Cover with cellophane.
  8. Cure for 20 days.
  9. After 20 days curing period, wash eggs thoroughly, separate cracked eggs.
  10. Boil eggs in medium fire for 4 hours.
  11. Cool eggs then arrange in egg trays. Separate those with cracks.
  12. Store at room temperature. Expiration date is for 6 weeks.

Dipping the eggs in red dye is optional and discourage.

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