How to Make Pineapple Wine


  • 1 part ripe pineapple
  • 1 part water
  • 1/4 part sugar
  • Fleischmann’s yeast or Red Star yeast


  1. Peel the pineapple and chop. Measure and add water. (1 part water to every 1 part pineapple).
  2. Boil until the fruits are soft. Cool and strain.
  3. Add sugar to the extract (1 part sugar to every 4 parts extract). Stir boil.
  4. Cool and place in a glass container or demijohn (with cotton plug).
  5. Inoculate with yeast (1 tablespoon yeast to every 40 liters of the juice).
  6. Ferment for a month.
  7. Decant into wine barrels and age for 2 years.
  8. Clarify with the use of eggwhite (8 eggwhites for every 30 liters of wine).
  9. Proceed as in the clarification of banana wine.
  10. Siphon into sterilized demijonh.
  11. Filter wine and bottle.

source: FIDA, photo from


  1. By Dr Gabriel T Ndunguru


  2. By Flor More


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