How to Make Mixed Vegetable Pickles


  • green papaya red & green pepper
  • carrot cauliflower
  • singkamas stringbeans
  • small onions salt
  • cucumber (jerkins) sugar
  • winged bean vinegar
  • alum


  1. Wash vegetables very well, peel and cut into desired sizes.
  2. Wash again, drain and pack in previously sterilized culture jars.
  3. Prepare the brine solution* just enough to cover the vegetables.
  4. Measure the brine solution added to each jar. Pour the brine solution into jars with vegetables. Cover with plastic.
  5. The following day, add salt (2½ tbsp. salt/4 cups brine used). Add the same amount of salt for three (3) consecutive days.
  6. Wash vegetables until desired saltiness is attained.
  7. Drain and pack into culture jars.
  8. Pour cooled (previously boiled) sweet-sour solution (sss)**, enough to cover the vegetables. Cover jars with plastic.
  9. Add sugar (5 tbsp. sugar/4 cups sss used) the following day. Add same amount of sugar for three (3) consecutive days. It is necessary to add the sugar gradually at intervals for several days to allow the product to absorb it slowly to prevent shriveling.
  10. Harvest mixed vegetables pickles.
    • a. Pack (well-arranged) in previously sterilized preserving jars.
    • b. Boil sweet-sour solution.
    • c. Pour hot sweet-sour solution previously strained through clean cloth into jars with pickled vegetables.
    • d. Remove air bubbles, seal and process.

* Brine Solution: Dissolve 1/3 cup salt into 4 cups water. Boil, cool and strain. Add ¼ tsp. alum.
** Sweet-Sour Solution (sss): 2/3 C sugar, 3 C vinegar and 1 C water. Mix the above ingredients together, boil and cool.



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