How to Make Guinamos or Shrimp Cake

Materials and Equipment

  • Small shrimps (alamang) Salt Mortar and pestle
  • Polyethylene bags Drying trays Banana leaves
  • Plastic bowls


  1. Remove adhering materials from shrimp. Wash thoroughly by placing them in a woven basket and dipping in clean seawater several times.
  2. Partially dry the shrimps for one day to lower the moisture content, by spreading them thinly on clean mats or drying racks.
  3. Add salt to shrimp (2:3) during tracing. Tracing is done by pounding the shrimp-salt mass with mortar and pestle. After mixing, dry the mass for one day.
  4. Form into round shape or cubes
  5. Package product in clean banana leaves or in low-density polyethylene bags.

source: Techno-Tulong –

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