How to Make Glue Cement

Gum Arabic Glue/Cement

Use these glues to mend broken china, dishes and crockery.

Recipe 1: Mix 3 tbsp gum arabic with 1 tbsp glycerin and 1/2 tsp water. Store in air-tight container. Will keep about 1 year.

To Use: Apply a thin coat of the glue to each surface and fit the pieces together. Hold firmly until the glue dries – this could take an hour or so. Let the piece dry thoroughly (24 hours) before washing or using.

Recipe 2: Mix just enough water to gum arabic to dissolve it, then add plaster of Paris, enough to produce a stiff paste. You can add pigment to this glue to match the color of your china if desired, or paint the surface when the cement has dried.

Liquid Cement

Mix 1 gallon of waterglass with 2 quarts of water. Heat and gradually add 1 pound of shellac, stirring until completely dissolved. Use on cardboard, wood, crocker, glass, etc.


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