How to Make Dipped Candles

Materials and supplies:

  • paraffin wax
  • stove
  • polyethylene wax
  • vat/wax container
  • cotton wick
  • dipping trough
  • technical dye (for colored candles)
  • wick holders
  • storage racks
  • cutter
  • thermometer
  • stirrer (wood/bamboo)
  • weighing scale (10-kilo capacity)


  1. Prepare the candlewick. Adjust the size of the wick to the diameter of the candle and the fusibility of the candle material. The following is a rough guide to the selection of wick size: Candle Diameter / Size of Wick:
    • 1.5 to 2.5 cm / 6 – 12 ply
    • 2.5 to 5 cm / 15 ply
    • 5 – 7 cm / 24 ply
    • over 7 cm / 30 ply
    • Tapers / 24 – 30 ply
  2. Weigh 90 parts of paraffin wax and 10 parts polyethylene wax and place in the vat/wax container. Melt the wax in a wax container or set the pan with the wax in a skillet almost full of water. Wax is inflammable and should not be melted over direct heat. A well-ventilated workshop should be maintained.
  3. Heat gently until all contents have melted and blended together. Allow the mixture to cool to about 70°C (160°F) before attempting to dip.
  4. Dip the candlewick in the melted wax and withdraw as smoothly as possible, so that the wax deposits are even layers with no drips or surface imperfections.
  5. When the desired candle size is attained, remove the lower 2 cm or so to obtain candles with uniform diameter.
  6. Hang candles to dry.
  7. Let candles cure for 4-5 days before using them to harden the wax and for perfect setting. Store in a dry place.


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