How to Make Coconut Cordial

This is a version of wine but it is made out of coconut. It is just as strong as any regular kind of wine.


  1. Get some coconut milk.
  2. Mix the milk with 2 parts water. (The less water, the stronger the cordial. Use all milk if you want it really strong.)
  3. Mix in just enough sugar to where it starts to turn cloudy.
  4. Add half of a packet of yeast. (A whole packet if you are making a lot.)
  5. Find a container to make the cordial in. I would suggest a plastic container.
  6. Mix everything together and pour it in the bottle.
  7. Place a balloon on the opening of the bottle, this will leave enough room for the carbon dioxide to grow, and no oxygen will be able to come in.
  8. Store in a cool, dark place for 3-7 days. (Until the small bubbles stop rising to the top.)
  9. Run the mixture through the white coffee filter to get all of the excess sugar and yeast out.
  10. Throw away the filter and all the stuff in there.

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