How to Make Cassava Flour

Cassava is good substitute for wheat flour. Aside from being inexpensive, cassava flour may be prepared using a simple technology from locally available raw materials. Cassava flour is just as nutritious as imported wheat flour.

Ingredients and Utensils

weighing scale pail net
peeler sack drying rack
basin with water ladle grinder
kitchen knife wooden brush chipper (maybe ordered from
fabrication companies)
35 kilos of cassava


  1. Thoroughly wash the 35 kilos of cassava.
  2. Peel, then soak in basin of water to prevent the flesh from discoloring.
  3. Put peeled cassava in a chipper. Cut the tubers into smaller pieces if these do not fit into the chipper. About 20 kilos of cassava chips can be obtain from 35 kilos of cassava.
  4. Transfer cassava chips to a drying rack.
  5. Dry chips under the sun for 2 days. Make sure there are really dry as the dryness of the chips will affect the quality of the cassava flour.
  6. Prepare the grinder, ensuring the proper calibration to produce fine flour.
  7. Grind the dried cassava chips. Two types of flour will be produced from the cassava: fine cassava flour which is used for food preparations and rough floor used for animal feed.
  8. The rough flour may be ground again to make it finer. one may obtain 16 kilos of fine cassava flour from 20 kilos of cassava chips.


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