How to Make Aloe Vera Herbal Shampoo

Shampoo is the best kind of soap for washing hair. Our hair needs delicate care so we should be careful that the shampoo we use does not contain harmful chemicals. Let us now learn how to make patchouli shampoo. Only a few ingredients are needed and we can prepare this at home.

Ingredients (1kg formula):

Qty (grams) %to total
clean or distilled water 813 81.3
CDEA 50 5
SLES 100 10
patchouli extract 10 1
aloe vera extract 5 0.5
lanolin 10 1
methyl paraben 1 0.1
propyl paraben 1 0.1
table salt 10 1
Total 1000 grams 100%


  • beaker
  • graduated cylinder
  • rubber spatula
  • mixing bowl
  • electric mixer
  • measuring cup
  • stirring rod
  • weighing scale
  • plastic container


    1. Measure and weight the needed ingredients accurately to avoid having a thin solution, which makes the hair difficult to manage.
    2. Transfer the CDEA to a mixing bowl. Add the methyl paraben and the propyl paraben. These ingredients serve as anti-microbial preservatives.
    3. Mix the ingredients with a rubber spatula until dissolved.
    4. Add the SLES and table salt to the mixture. Mix well.
    5. When the mixture becomes thick and sticky, add the distilled water little by little while mixing continuously. (An electric mixer may be used to mix the ingredients evenly and to male work easier).
    6. Test the consistency of the mixture with a stirring rod. The mixture has the right consistency once the ingredients are dissolved and the mixture becomes thick as oil.
    7. Add the patchouli and aloe vera extract and lanolin to the mixture while mixing it continuously. The patchouli serves as the conditioner while the lanolin serves as the moisturizer. The aloe vera is known to help new hair grow.
    8. When the ingredients are already evenly mixed, transfer the mixture to a clean container. You can now use the shampoo when you take a bath.

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