How to Apply for PCSO Online Lotto Agent

Lotto Booth Requirements

  1. 1. Floor Space is at least 2m x 2m. Business counters measuring at least 36” x 24”.
  2. 2. Dry floor space with proper ventilation.
  3. 3. With at least one (1) wireless or fixed landline telephone facility for hotline operation use.
  4. 4. For security reasons, all lotto outlets should be enclosed and must be facing the direction of human traffic/entry. Frontage must face the main hallway/corridor or to the direction of major traffic flow.
  5. 5. Outlets located within a commercial building or complexes, with 24-hours security, lotto booths need not be enclosed.

Applicant must be:

A. For Natural Person (Individual Applicant):

  1. Filipino Citizen; and
  2. At least 21 years old

B. For Juridical Person (Corporation)

  1. It must be duly registered and existing under Philippines laws
  2. It must be 100% Filipino-owned

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  1. By Florencio B. Palen


  2. By Henry Deresma


  3. By Merlou P. Delos santos


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