Guide to Starting a Face Painting Business

Background Information about the Face painting business

Most people don’t stop to think about how those people who paint faces at carnivals, birthday parties, and other events end up making money.

It can be quite a profitable business however depending on the skill of yourself and the people painting for you. If you start your business and hold to your principles, you can begin to make a profit from all of the work that you do.

Pros of the Face painting business

You can have plenty of fun bringing a smile to the faces of many people. You get a chance to be creative in your work and still earn money. You normally will work at a number of different events which are all fun and many times, people will pay you good money for your services.

Cons of Running a Face painting business

When you are first starting out, you may not make a lot of money because you are still building up a reputation. You may also have to deal with children who may be in a bad mood and this can make your work difficult.

People may also not think of hiring a face painter for their events and because of this, you may need to work hard to get them to realize the potential that hiring a face painter will bring their event.

Licensing or Special Requirements for a Face painting business:

All that you need to run a face painting business are the local permits that any business owner might need.

Getting Started in the Face painting business:

If you decide that you want to start a face painting business, you will need to first get the word out there that you are offering your services. This will often mean offering your services for free or at a very discounted rate, so that people will hire you to see what you can do.

Once you begin to prove yourself, though, you will want to start charging the people who hire you the rates that you are worth for a certain number of hours of face painting.

Minimum Start up Cost:

If you start out by getting a kit which can offer you a large range of colors, paints, and brushes and will last you for quite a while, you may spend around P5,000. Smaller kits which will not last as long can be purchased as well as even larger kits which you can divide between multiple painters.

Minimum Start up Equipment:

You will need brushes, a wide range of paints, and containers for water to begin. You should also have sponges to fix your mistakes and also a mirror, so that you can show the person the work that you have painted onto their face and make them happy.

Optional or Advanced Equipment

You may want to invest in additional types of paints, such as paints that sparkle or glow in the dark. These can add to the appeal you have of being a face painter. You may also want additional brushes or paints to have as a backup in case they are needed.

Hours of Operation:

This will entirely depend on the people who hire you and the events they are planning. If they are having a birthday party for a child, you will find yourself working during the afternoon, probably on a weekend. If you are working at a carnival, you will probably see most of your weekend booked. This all depends on who wants your services.

Minimum Number of People required to Operate A Face painting business:

One person is all that you need to start out, although if you find that the lines you run up while painting for people are taking too long for people to get through, you may want to hire some more painters.


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