Guide to Home-Based Pet Store Business

Pet supplies range from leashes to canopy bedding. People who love their pets love to spoil them with accessories ranging from fancy food dishes to jeweled collars.

If you enjoy animals, dream of working for yourself, and have a space in your home that would allow you to sell pet supplies, you might consider starting a home based pet supply business.

How to Get into the Pet Store Business

The first step in starting a home based pet supply business is to set up an area in your home that will allow you to display and sell pet supplies to your customers.

In addition to offering traditional supplies, such as dishes, grooming supplies and bedding, you may choose to specialize in a particular type of pet supply, by offering unique pet clothing, or a variety of fashionable bags that would allow you to carry your small dog, cat or ferret around.

When deciding on your pet supply inventory, you may decide not to sell pet food. Selling pet food would require a lot of storage space. Keeping an area clean and rodent free is also a challenge when storing large supplies of pet food, and may not be ideal in a home based setting.

Your number one priority when running a successful pet supply business is to make contacts with reliable suppliers. You will also want an edge up on the competition by offering your customers the latest in pet supplies. Keep your eyes peeled on the internet for the latest pet fashion styles and make sure your pet supply business is the first to offer it in your area.

Skills Needed:

Strong marketing skills will allow you to put out an effective advertising campaign that fits your budget.

Basic office skills are also important when running a home based pet supply business. You will need to keep a thorough inventory of your stock, place orders with your suppliers, and handle the revenue of your business.

Experience Needed:

Experience in sales is an advantage when starting a pet supply business.

Startup Requirements:

You need to set up an attractive display area in your home filled with popular and unique pet supplies. Invest in some advertising and get ready to open your doors to pet lovers who are eager to spend time and money in your home based pet supply business.


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