Garlic Powder and Salt Processing



Garlic powder is the product resulting from passing flakes or granules through a mill. In the absence of a mill, the flakes or granules can be pulverized using mortar and pestle followed by sifting operations. Passing the pulverized material through several sieve sizes will result to a fine garlic powder.

Steps in Garlic Powder Production

  1. Select garlic flakes/granules that are discolored, i.e. with evident dark brown discoloration.
  2. Pass the flakes.granules through a mill, in the absence of a mill, mortar and pestle can be used to pulverized the pieces.
  3. Strain the pulverized materials using sieve or an ordinary kitchen strainer.
  4. Pack the garlic powder in polyethylene bags or plastic jar, Seal, label and store.

The above steps should be done quickly as garlic powder easily absorbs moisture.

How to Use

  • Sprinkle directly to dishes that need garlic.


The Bureau of Plant Industry has come up with a procedure for the production of garlic salt. Salt is believed to absorb the garlic oil in the chopped material enhancing flavor retention in the resulting product.

  1. Peel garlic and chop finely.
  2. Add salt, 1/5 of the weight of garlic, and mix.
  3. Spread on nylon screen and dry thoroughly under the sun or in a dehydrator.
  4. Pack in plastic bag and seal.

An adaptable technology for the processing of garlic into flakes, granules and powder has been developed by Abadilla, (1989).


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