Flower Arrangements for All Occasions

Flower are a big part of people’s lives because they can convey multiple messages — from a romantic “I love you,” to a celebratory “Congratulations on having a baby,” to a somber “Condolences.” Every occasion can be celebrated with flowers, although there are also many people out there who by them simply as decorative centerpieces.

You don’t need expensive flowers to come up with a beautiful arrangement — only your ability to improvise on traditional designs to create something fresh and original. Start-up capital is around P800 per arrangement, and time to finish is 30 minutes.

Materials Needed

  • Floral foam, P30 to P35 per piece which you may cut into your desired size
  • Flowers (all available at the flower market near the Dangwa bus terminal in Sampaloc, Manila)
  • Fruits (apples and pears are more suitable)
  • Barbecue sticks
  • Scissors

Getting Started

  1. First, soak the floral foam in water before you start cutting the flowers and inserting them.
  2. When the foam has soaked up enough water, start cutting the flowers first (keep a variety of short and long stems with slanted tips) and distributing them evenly on the foam.
  3. Push the stems firmly into the floral foam to keep the form of your centerpiece.
  4. Mount the fruits on barbecue sticks and then attach them to the foam. Place the filler flowers (like baby’s breath) last. Your goal in this step is to make sure there are no glaring empty spots while still leaving a bit of breathing room around each flower.

How Much Will You Make

Add your direct costs, and then use 30% of the sum to cover your land and indirect costs like utilities, transportation, and electricity. Then add another 30% as your markup to arrive at your selling price.

source: www.entrepreneur.com.ph

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