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How to Make Candle Mould

You may wonder how candles are formed into different shapes. The secret lies in the candle molds. Molds are one of the most important materials in candle making. In the process, every type requires a unique mold, like the following. Types of Molds Dipping mold or metal tubing – used in making cylindrical candle. Semi-automatic

Coconut Fiber Cement Board Production

A coconut fiber-cement board (CFB) is a product manufactured from fibrous materials like coconut coir, fronds, spathes and shredded wood that are mixed with Portland cement at a predetermined ratio of 60-70% cement to 30-40% fiber by weight. CFB is made by forming the cement-fiber mixture into mats and pressing them to the desired thickness

Growing Cabbage in Lowland Farms

Farmers in the upland and mid-elevation areas of the country used to be the only successful growers of the highly nutritious high-value vegetables brassicas or crucifers. But the development, production and commercial distribution of heat-tolerant, lowland-adaptable hybrid varieties of cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, and kai-lan by progressive vegetable seed companies have enabled lowland farmers

How to Start a Pharmacy

Medicine is one of the basic needs of every society. This explains why drugstores continue to flourish in sales despite the economic crisis. In the Philippines, for instance, the market for pharmaceuticals is over P110 billion. You will notice, too, that drugstores nowadays are not exclusive to medicines but have expanded to selling health and

Starting a Money Changing Business

There are many places that have a strong demand for a money changing business. The growth of tourism and our large OFW population has guaranteed a huge market to be tapped by money changers. This is one opportunity you may not want to miss. It is a simple business if you know how to start

Tips in Starting a Laundry Business

Do you want a simple business that has a growing demand and high profit potential? A laundry shop may be your dream business. Reliable “labanderas” are getting harder to find and busy people often have no more time to do their own laundry. Below is short list of the steps you need to take to