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How to Make Kamias Candy and Preserved

A desert or snack, candied kamias is an excellent substitute for imported prunes. A 100-gram pack of candied kamias sells at P5.00 at wholesale, and P6.00 to P 7.00 at retail. Usually, small- time producers sell their products to wholesalers and large retailers such as groceries and supermarkets. Candied kamias are sold on cash or

Making Chicken Ham for Homebased Business

Ingredient: Whole chicken Stock of Saturated Salt Solution (SSSS): 2 cup Salt 8 cup Water 5 cup Boiled water Pumping Injecting Solution: 1 cup SSSS 1/2 cup Boiled water 2 tsp Prague powder 2 tbsp Sugar (white) 1 tsp Ham spice 1/2 tablet Ascorbic acid (250 mg) Pickling Solution: 6 cup SSSS 4 cup Boiled

How to Make Tilapia Rolls

Ingredients: 1 kilo Tilapia sticks 1 cup soy sauce 1 cup brown sugar 1/8 calamansi juice 1 clove garlic 1 tbsp black pepper 100 pcs lumpia wrapper Procedure Prepare the marinating solution by mixing sugar and soy sauce. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Mix all other ingredients and soak the fish for 1 hour. Drain

How to Make Tilapia Nuggets

Ingredients: 3 cup Minced fish 1 & 1/2 cup White onion (chopped) 6 tbsp Breadcrumbs 1 tbsp Salt 2 tbsp Garlic 1/3 cup Wheat flour 2 tsp White sugar 1 tbsp Cooking oil 1 cup Shrimp meat Breadcrumbs for coating Procedure Mix minced fish meat and salt. Add the rest of the ingredients until tacky.

Slab Bacon Recipe for Commercial Use

Demand for processed meat products is growing. Most mothers, especially those who are working prefer to buy them since they can be cooked easily. One of the all-time favorite processed meat products is bacon Generally, bacon is made from the side or bellies of pork minus the ribs. Bellies to be used for processing bacon

Quick Cured Ham Recipe for Commercial Use

Ham is a very expensive meat product in the market and also regarded as food for the rich. Manufacturing ham, however, is simple and does not require sophisticated tools and equipment. There are several ways to process ham and the taste of the product is as variable as the number of ways to manufacture it.