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Processing Tilapia into Smoked

Smoked tilapia is a delicacy not only in our country but also in Thailand and Nigeria. Tests indicate that smoked tilapia is highly acceptable among Filipinos. Procedure in smoking tilapia: Remove the gills and entrails Wash and soak in brine solution (1:3 salt to water) for 30 minutes to one house depending on the size

Processing Tilapia into Buro

“Burong isda” or fermented fish is a favorite among the Tagalogs and Ilocanos. To prepare “burong tilapia” follow these procedures: Scale 1 kilo of tilapia and split the fish along the dorsal side. Remove the internal organs, gills and traces of blood. Wash thoroughly and drain. Cut into single fillets. Mix one cup of salt.

Making Hot Cake from Corn

Ingredients: 1 cup Corn Flour 3 cup Flour 3 tsp Baking Powder 1 cup Sugar 4 tbsp Margarine (melted) 1 can Evap Milk (small) 2 pc Egg Yolk 1 cup Squash (cooked and mashed) 1/4 tsp Vanilla 1/4 cup Cooking Oil 1 cup Water Cooking Procedure Put in bowl all ingredients and mixed thoroughly, add

Making Pandesal from Corn Flour

Rising Ingredients: 2 tsp yeast (rapid rise yeast) 1/4 cup fresh milk (lukewarm) 1 tsp sugar Dissolve yeast in lukewarm milk, add sugar and mix thoroughly until sugar is dissolved then leave it for 10 minutes. Making of Dough: 1 cup Bread flour (for sprinkle) 35 gram Flour 40 gram Corn flour 100 gram Sugar

How to Make Hamonadong Bangus

Materials  needed: Bangus (259 grams in size or more) Marinating solution: 800 Salometer brine (composed of 267.03 grams of salt per liter of water) 250 grams Brown sugar 6 pcs Bay leaves Nutmeg Black pepper Prague powder Paprika Procedure Wash milkfish then split . Remove all internal organs and false kidney. Debone.  Simmer the marinating