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Wind, the Clean Alternative and Renewable Energy

Wind is simply air in motion. It is caused by the sun’s uneven heating of the Earths surface: This happens when the Earth s surface which is made of different types of land and water, absorbs the sun s heat at different rates. The presence of clouds can also locally reduce the effectiveness of the

A Simple Solar Dryer

This dryer is a mud brick construction built close to the ground using low-cost materials for all its parts. It is easy to construct and use. It is effective and can meet the needs of the rural economy. This technology is basic but useful so even the most marginalized and vulnerable groups can use it,

A Primer on Setting-Up a Cooperative in the Philippines, Part 2

As a reminder an audit committee must be provided for in the bylaws of the cooperative. What Constitutes A Quorum? Unless the by laws define it otherwise, a quorum consist of 25% of all the regular members entitled to vote. For the board of directors a simple majority of its member makes a quorum. What

A Primer on Setting-Up a Cooperative in the Philippines, Part 1

Organizing a cooperative can both be complex and simple. It requires, first of all an understanding of the basic needs of the perspectives cooperative members. It demands patience from the co-organizer who must take the cooperative goal and objectives, its visions and long term goals a real part of the members lives. But it can

To be or not to be.. Employee or Employer?

You might be thinking which is better — to be an employee or an employer? There is a vast difference between the two, especially on how they make money. We cannot answer this question for you. There are people who would be better off if they become employees, but there are also those who are

Buy Franchise or Start Your Own Business

If you plan to be an entrepreneur, you must study what is best for your situation, whether to start a business on your own or buy a franchise. Are you willing to share the profits in exchange for the relative safety of a franchise, or do you prefer the risk—and rewards—of pursuing your own vision?