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BIR Advisory on New Threshold for Non-VAT Business

BIR advisory. “To all concerned taxpayers and revenue officials and employees:  purely self-employed individuals and/or professionals who are vat-registered taxpayers and whose gross sales/receipts and other non-operating income do not exceed the new value-added tax (VAT) threshold of P3,000,000 in the preceding year, may elect to change his/her status from VAT to Non-VAT by filing

Oil Palm is Easy to Plant and Profitable – Part 2

All that an oil farmer has to do is to harvest and deliver the fruits to the milling plant within 2-3 days after harvest. The earlier the delivery, the better because the quality of the oil depends on the condition of the fruits. Harvesting does not also require much labor, as in sugarcane farming. This

Oil Palm is Easy to Plant and Profitable – Part 1

Recently, many farmers asked me what is the best crop to plant. With my experience as a farmer and agricultural technician and consultant, my first choice is oil palm, and I suggest that small landholders with only 3 to 5 hectares should plant a part of or their Whole farm to this crop. For one,

POS Software Free to Try – For Any Type of Retail Business

One of the focal points of any retail business is the cash register. The ability to process transactions and tender cash are essential to the efficient operation of the enterprise. If you have a lot of cash transactions, replacing the cash registers with a POS system save you money. Why use POS? Reduce Wastage Manage

Salvaging Flood-Damage Feeds

Floods are one of the most common hazards in the Philippines. Flood effects can be local, impacting a neighborhood or community, or very large, affecting entire river basins and several provinces. However, floods are not alike. Some floods develop slowly, sometimes over a period of days. But flash floods can develop quickly, sometimes in just