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Strawberry Farming and Production

They are red and seeded on the outside, fleshy and juicy in the inside. They have this small, regal-looking, green leafy cap and stem that adorn its crown. That’s fresh, plump strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) for you. But their fine-looking appearance does not last long. Strawberries are delicate, requiring gentle handling to prevent bruising. There can

Enhancing Your Pasture for Sustainable Native Chicken Production

Native chicken is commonly raised by most of the households in rural areas. It constitutes 46% of the total chicken population (76 million head). The native chicken industry allows participation of the rural poor in the production of high-quality chicken products that are paid premium prices. The Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources

Mudcrab Culture Technologies

Studies conducted at SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department, some in collaboration with the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, have generated mudcrab culture technologies which are now available for adoption by fish farmers. Through these studies major constraints in the management of mudcrab farming were addressed. It is now possible to increase stocking density with improved survival

Freshwater Pearl Farming, Part 2 Pond Management

Pond Management In addition to proper tissue transplantation, good pond management is very important. The water should have enough phytoplankton in it to cause it to have a light green color. If the color becomes dark green, the water is too rich with plankton, which might deplete the oxygen content of the water at night.

Freshwater Pearl Farming, Part 1 Culture Method

Combine a common freshwater mussel with an ingenious implantation technique and presto, a profitable industry is born. Its product: lovely, lustrious pearls for use in makeup and medicine. Pearls, especially those with a good lustre, have been among man’s favorite gems since ancient times. Wearing pearls makes a person look radiant and more attractive. Is

Home Made Incubator Using Plywood

The following illustrations are designed to guide the reader through the construction of a small plywood and glass incubator that will accommodate about 100 chicken eggs. Basic woodworking tools are required required for construction. Gather all equipment and supplies listed below together before starting construction. The diagrams shown will guide the construction of the unit.