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Growing Chinese Cabbage

Chinese cabbage, which is either of the heading or non-heading type, refers to several brassicas that are considerably different from each other. Cultural practices are the same as for regular cabbage, although Chinese cabbage matures more quickly and may be harvestable in as few as 60 to 65 days from seeding. The more common of

How to Grow and Propagate Anthurium

These plants are mainly from tropical America. They are grown for their brightly colored flower spathes or their ornamental leaves. Anthurium andraeanum is a native of Columbia that has orange-red spathes and large heart-shaped leaves. Anthurium crystallinum is native to Columbia and also Peru. Its flowers aren’t as striking as the others, but it has

Growing and Production of Sweet Peas or Chicharo

Sweet pea or chicharo, as locally called, is a cool climate annual legume raised for its edible pods and matured seeds. Varieties Sugar Pea Oregon – stringless green and flat pod. Best suited to Tropical conditions, heat resistance. Direct sowing. Pea Alderman – Green wrinkled seeded, shelling and climbing pea. Only by dry and cold

Coconut and Cacao Inter-Cropping Model

Growing of intercrops in coconut lands produces more food and agricultural products, ensuring food security of the people in rural and urban areas. At the same time, the practice generates jobs and livelihood, enhancing farm incomes and the purchasing power of people, thus alleviating poverty in farming communities. Moreover, successful farmers serve as inspiration and

Oyster Culture and Production

Oyster farming is suitable for small-scale and family business. Oyster or talaba is always in demand, and its culture enjoys the support of the government and various agencies. The country exports oyster to the US, Arabian Peninsula and Japan. In 1985, we sold only 261 kg of fresh and frozen oysters to Okinawa and the

Yacon Packs More than a Sweet Punch – Health Study Shows

Have you gotten to taste yacon—that crunchy tuber with a sweet applewatermelon taste? If you already had, most likely you were first curious about its much-hyped low-calorie content despite its sweetness. But then again, did you know that yacon may not only be good for weight-watchers but also for those wanting optimum overall well-being too?