Car Wash Business Tips and Advice

If you are going to start a carwash business you need to understand that over 80 percent of your customers will come in from a ten mile radius of your location. You should also be aware that generally in the carwash industry only 15 to 20 percent of your customers will be regular; that is to say they will wash their car with your carwash two to four times per week.

Many people believe their repeat customer rate is 80 percent in the carwash industry and statistically that is a bogus figure. When putting up signage for your carwash it is important that your customers driving can see the sign for 40 seconds. It is also smart to be near a fast food restaurants and a major intersection.

When considering traffic counts and flows, as to the number of people who might pull into your carwash you should also considered that center medians that cannot be crossed over will limit the number of cars which will come into your carwash to get a car wash.

All carwash businesses should have uniforms for their employees or at least some sort of dress code. It makes sense to have polo shirts for all the people who are on the line drying the cars and dark blue shorts. The polo shirts should have your logo on them and should all be the same color.

Carwash businesses should also have frequent customer rewards programs. If you are going to start a carwash I hope you will consider all this in 2006.

The whole point of any promotion or marketing strategy for your car wash is to be NOTICED and get a RESPONSE. Excite your potential customers through direct mail, promo cards and special offers. To have a successful car wash business, you need a solid marketing plan.

So what CAN marketing do for you? Increase your business — no question about it. However (and this is a really big however) marketing is NOT going to result in overnight success. Marketing is about slow growth, building on last week’s success and learning what didn’t work. Marketing is about frequency — about your target market seeing your offer over and over again until they’re finally ready to buy. Without that very important frequency, your business will start to stagnate and eventually die.

Now that doesn’t mean you won’t have a major success with a campaign. Even a massive, amazing, unbelievable success. You can do that with direct mail, ads, press releases, grand openings, co-oping with non-profit groups and special events. Marketing is also about being consistent. This goes back to building on successes. Your customers need to see your message over and over again. This builds trust and credibility. Plus, your current customers will also respond to that frequency. Not only will they not “forget” about you and go to your competitor, but it will help build their trust in you as well.

Lastly, marketing is about working hard. There’s no getting around it. To be successful means putting in the time and energy to continually market yourself. Get involved with community groups and always wear apparel that has your logo or name on it–it‘s a walking billboard. Speaking of billboards, don’t forget that colorful, attractive and well-maintained signage adds to a successful marketing campaign.

If you remember nothing else, remember this: If you don’t implement your marketing strategies, nothing is going to happen. Plan on doing one task or a little marketing every day, so that is not so overwhelming for the “not-so marketing savvy” carwash owner, after all, you still need to run the rest of the business. Marketing is a commitment. There’s no getting around it. If you have a car wash business, then you have no choice but to make a commitment to marketing on a consistent basis. This will lead to a loyal customer base. (source: )



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