Balloon Business Tips and Advice


The following tips and advice came from Ms. Purita Agito, owner Makajos Party Needs & Packages, though she doesn’t consider herself yet as a pro since she still needs more time to master the business, she admits, but she’s got some words for everyone who is interested to start a balloon business venture:

  • Basic to every venture, you must be very interested about the business.
  • Have a considerable amount of patience in handling the customers at the same time aggressive enough in seizing every possible opportunity that comes along.
  • Make sure not to underplay any of your packages but present them as equally unique or different on its own way.
  • Always explain why you prefer to use certain materials over the other such as the difference between imported and local balloons. I always explain the pros and cons of using both products. For instance, imported balloon is comparatively shinier, easy to tie and only lasts a week. The local balloon, on the other hand, is stronger, a bit difficult to tie and lasts even in three months. Customers appreciate honesty and smart ones know if you are merely hard selling, lying or truly giving them good choices.
  • In respond to customers inquiry, ask first what occasion do they need a party for. Next is, what age is the celebrant. Third, where do they intend to hold the party. Lastly, you may inquire on how much budget do they have for the party.
  • For customers who bring in kids, you can make a kiddie corner in your shop with some collection of books, coloring books, crayons, color pencils that they can work with while you discuss with their adult companions. This way, kids won’t get into your talks.
  • Learn when to ask for a deposit. Usually a 30% deposit applies for party packages that cost P500 and above. The remaining balance can paid before the actual party. This can prevent customers from suddenly changing their minds after you have made some major arrangements with your suppliers.
  • Make sure you do an ocular inspection of the party place before coming up with the final price of your party packages. This will give you a general overview of all the things you need to suit the place.
  • Be sure to prepare your marketing scheme during the tough seasons, which usually occurs in January after the Christmas. It slows down in January and starts to pick up again in February, March and April. The peak season is usually October, November and December.


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